The Truth About Rosacea and How Younique Foundation Can Help With Confidence!

I want to share with you a video made by a very brave, strong Younique Presenter Denise. I admire her because she is not afraid to go on camera without makeup and show her true self to the world. This is something even I would never have the courage to do and I do not struggle with any skin problems. I simply lack the confidence.

Denise has Rosacea, something she says she has even received hate mail over and she feels so passionately about her message she is willing to endure that and put herself out there to help others gain an understanding, be more compassionate and also show women with Rosacea or other skin issues a way to get their confidence back!

As women we need to stop judging and criticizing each other, especially over things like this that she can’t change and has no control over. Younique’s Mission is to uplift and empower women and this is a perfect example of how that has been accomplished!

So watch this video and you will see what real beauty and confidence is about!

In the video Denise used Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer before applying her foundation. This is a product perfect for every skin type and helps with more even and flawless coverage. The foundation she used is Younique Touch Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation. This is a great foundation for Oily skin and Combination skin, but if you have dry skin there are better options for you to achieve amazing coverage. Comment below for more info if you have dry skin and I will help you choose a better product combo.



Younique Touch Cream Foundation Featured In Cosmo!

Cosmopolitan just came out with a list of the 25 Best Foundations to Cover Acne. Younique Mineral Touch Cream Foundation made the list at #11. I love this foundation and it offers full coverage that is actually good for your skin without the nasty chemicals found in other makeup.

Here is the article in Cosmo


Here is the video of the Younique Touch Cream Foundation in Action!

Not Sure How To Choose The Right Color of Younique Touch Cream Foundation? Check Out My Color Matching Guide Here



Younique Organza Liquid Foundation

Thinking of getting Younique Organza Liquid Foundation? This is by far our most popular color, it is for light complexions with pink undertones, for those who tend to burn in the sun and have blue veins in their arm. Women who have cool undertones that Organza is perfect for tend to prefer silver colored jewelry and look great in grey and black.

Here is a video showing the application of Organza liquid Foundation by Younique so you can get an idea of the color and how it covers.

This is actually the shade I personally wear and I love it, it is not overwhelmingly pink and not orangey at all when it is your color match. It dries to a powdery matte finish and covers amazingly well for all day wear. You can apply it with the blusher or powder puff brush for the best results. Younique Organza Liquid Foundation is temporarily out of stock but will be back in the next couple of weeks. Until then check out Organza in Younique Touch Pressed Powder and Cream Foundations or Skin Perfecting Concealer.



Velour Touch Liquid Foundation by Younique

It can be difficult to determine the right color match for a foundation over the internet. One of the ways to get an idea of the right color for you is to see it on someone else. In this video you will see the application of Younique’s Velour Touch Liquid Foundation. This shade is ideal for those with a light complexion and yellow or golden undertones. This means you tan easily and the veins in your arm are green. You probably prefer to wear golden colored jewelry over silver and brown rather than grey.

Velour Touch Liquid Foundation is a liquid to powder foundation with a flawless matte finish. This shade is currently out of stock but will be back in the next week or two. In the meantime, Velour is available in Younique Touch Cream and Powder Foundations and can be pre ordered in Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer. 



Satin Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

It can be hard to color match yourself for the perfect color of foundation over the internet. This video below will show you what Satin Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation by Younique looks like when applied.  This is a great shade for women with a medium complexion and yellow or golden (warm) undertones. Women who tan very well and have green veins in their arm often are perfect matches for Younique’s Satin Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation.

In this video she demonstrates how she easily applies Satin Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation for full, flawless coverage. It dries to a powdery matte finish and as she will demonstrate is even water resistant so it lasts all day!

If you feel your Younique Touch Foundation color is Satin you can order it in the next week or two when it comes back in stock. Satin is currently available in our Younique Touch Cream and Powder Foundations and Touch Skin perfecting Concealer.



Scarlet Younique Liquid Foundation Available


cloudninescarletThis collection includes many of the best Younique Products and is only available through the end of February. New products, collections and a new makeup bag will be launched in March.

The Cloud Nine Collection includes:

  • Touch Liquid Foundation
  • Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer
  • Moodstruck Addiction Eyeshadow Palette
  • Brow Liner and Gel
  • 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara
  • Opulence Lipstick
  • Exclusive Makeup Bag

This set is $145 and ships for FREE! This is a great way to get your Touch Liquid Foundation in Scarlet and try out some of our other amazing products!


If you would like to be notified when Scarlet Touch Liquid Foundation becomes available to buy on it’s own, join my mailing list here


Younique February Customer Kudos! FREE Shipping on $50 USD


The Younique February Customer Kudos has been announced! All orders over $50 USD will ship FREE!

Normally you have to spend twice as much to get free shipping, so this is a fantastic deal!

What is the Younique February Customer Kudos Offer?

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. PT on Monday, February 1, 2016, through 11:59 p.m. PT Monday, February 29, 2016, all orders over $50 USD, $75 CAD, $75 AUD, $75 NZD, £35 GBP, 50 € EUR, $1,200 MXN will receive FREE economy shipping!*


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Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Restock List









Easy Contouring and Highlighting With Younique BB Creams

Looking for an Easy Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial? Younique BB Creams make it so simple to get the perfect look while bringing out and enhancing the best features of your face. Younique BB Creams are also ultra hydrating so it’s like skincare and makeup in one. Watch the video below for an Easy Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial using Younique BB Creams.



The Younique Countour and Highlight Set includes your choice of 2 BB Creams and one set of blending buds to create your perfect look at a great discount!


To help you decide which 2 colors of Younique BB Cream to start with check out the charts below. Do not worry if you don’t see an exact match you will use one light color (Cream, Bisque or Honey) for highlighting and one dark color (caramel, chestnut, carob) for contouring.





Younique BB Flawless Color Matching

I love Younique BB Flawless, it’s probably my favorite “foundation” option that we have. I love it because it is ultra moisturizing with just the right amount of color and it isn’t cakey, or orangey or anything else I have hated about other foundations in the past. I love all of our foundations but this suits me the best because I have clear skin that’s generally on the dry side and I really only want a little bit of coverage on most days. Now that is not to say that Younique BB Flawless cannot handle jobs that require more coverage. This is a super build able foundation option and when you mix it with a little concealer before you apply it or put the touch pressed powder on top you get full coverage much like our Liquid Foundation and it does such a great job at hiding blemishes, discoloration, dark circles you name it. So for this dry wintery weather and especially because you can’t get the Liquid Foundation at the moment, give our BB Cream a try. There are only 6 shades so color matching is really easy, you don’t have to worry about undertones with this, really just the darkness of your skin. Check out my Younique BB Flawless Color Matching Charts Below.

Here are the Younique BB Flawless Shades as they correlate to Younique Touch Foundations in case you have already been color matched for those. 



Here are some complexions that match really well with the Younique BB Creams, I find them to be a bit more versatile than this but this is a pretty good idea of how dark each one is. Cream is very very light but bisque can be worn by people lighter than the pictures here show. 





If you would like me to help with Younique BB Flawless color matching just shoot me an email or comment below and I will gladly help you find a match for any of our products.

$39 USD