Younique Organza Liquid Foundation Info

youniqueorganzaliquidfoundationswatchYounique Organza Liquid Foundation is the most popular  product we have right now and it is finally back in stock and ready to ship!

This light peachy color is perfect for those who have pink undertones are fair skinned and typically burn easily in the sun. You can tell if you have pink undertones if the veins in your arm are bright blue or purple and you look best in grey clothing and silver jewelry.

Younique Organza liquid foundation is the perfect choice for covering redness, acne, scarring and imperfections and allows you to get the perfect flawless finish. It dries to a matte powder and is great for virtually all skin types. It can be applied with the new Younique Liquid Foundation brush, powder puff brush or blusher brush and it works best if you apply it after a primer like Younique’s Glorious face and eye primer so it doesn’t get into your fine lines or pores. Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is oil free, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic so you don’t have to worry about it clogging pores or making skin greasy and causing breakouts.

I wear Younique Organza Liquid Foundation and I love that it looks very natural, isn’t orangey or cakey in any way and gives my skin the illusion of being completely flawless and smooth.

Watch this video to see how she uses Younique Organza Liquid Foundation for the perfect Photoshop finish!

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In Addition to Younique Liquid Foundation, Organza also comes in Touch Pressed Powder and Cream Foundations for those who maybe need another type of coverage. It pairs especially well with Frisky Mineral Concealer for a very light pinky finish that adds natural warmth to your complexion. Whatever your needs may be, Younique has got you covered. If you need assistance with finding the right foundation type or color for your skin and coverage needs comment below or email I’m happy to help!


Younique Organza Liquid Foundation

Thinking of getting Younique Organza Liquid Foundation? This is by far our most popular color, it is for light complexions with pink undertones, for those who tend to burn in the sun and have blue veins in their arm. Women who have cool undertones that Organza is perfect for tend to prefer silver colored jewelry and look great in grey and black.

Here is a video showing the application of Organza liquid Foundation by Younique so you can get an idea of the color and how it covers.

This is actually the shade I personally wear and I love it, it is not overwhelmingly pink and not orangey at all when it is your color match. It dries to a powdery matte finish and covers amazingly well for all day wear. You can apply it with the blusher or powder puff brush for the best results. Younique Organza Liquid Foundation is temporarily out of stock but will be back in the next couple of weeks. Until then check out Organza in Younique Touch Pressed Powder and Cream Foundations or Skin Perfecting Concealer.



Makeup Look With Organza Pressed Powder Foundation From Younique


Younique Makeup Used:

Divine Moisturizer 

Glorious Primer 

Touch Pressed Powder Foundation in Organza 

Seductive Blush 

Palette 2

Saucy Lip Stain 

Lucky Lipgloss 

Medium Brow Set

3D + Mascara