Younique Royalty Skin Care Line and Rosacea

If you have problem skin, hiding it is always your first thought and Younique products are great for that but ultimately the goal is to heal the skin and fix the problem. Fortunately Younique’s new Royalty Skin Care Line has been helping people see amazing results with issues like Rosacea. Read about Jenny’s story below.

Jenny’s Story About Younique Royalty Skin Care Products and Her Rosacea Struggle


Raw post alert. 🚨 I’ve been really transparent about my problematic skin. I don’t even leave the house without foundation on because I’m so embarrassed. When Younique announced our new skin care line I was excited but not optimistic. Not because of the brand but because I have literally tried everything to fix my skin and nothing has ever worked for me before. I decided to give it a chance. What did I have to lose? The picture on the left is me spending $200 a month on dermatologist grade skin care specifically for rosacea. The picture on the right is after using the Royalty Skin Care line for only 2 weeks and using the Detoxifying mask for 6 weeks. I’m shocked. It makes me want to cry. 😭 I literally can’t believe my eyes. 

Jenny’s Younique Royalty Skin Care Routine: In the morning: I am using the Pore Purifying Cleanser, I have combination skin so I have been using both the Renewing Day Cream and the Hydrating Cream. (If I feel dry I use hydrating, if I feel normal I use renewing.) At night, I use Pore Purifying Cleanser, Detoxifying Mask (3-4 times a week), Uplift Beauty Serum and Night Cream.



The Truth About Rosacea and How Younique Foundation Can Help With Confidence!

I want to share with you a video made by a very brave, strong Younique Presenter Denise. I admire her because she is not afraid to go on camera without makeup and show her true self to the world. This is something even I would never have the courage to do and I do not struggle with any skin problems. I simply lack the confidence.

Denise has Rosacea, something she says she has even received hate mail over and she feels so passionately about her message she is willing to endure that and put herself out there to help others gain an understanding, be more compassionate and also show women with Rosacea or other skin issues a way to get their confidence back!

As women we need to stop judging and criticizing each other, especially over things like this that she can’t change and has no control over. Younique’s Mission is to uplift and empower women and this is a perfect example of how that has been accomplished!

So watch this video and you will see what real beauty and confidence is about!

In the video Denise used Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer before applying her foundation. This is a product perfect for every skin type and helps with more even and flawless coverage. The foundation she used is Younique Touch Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation. This is a great foundation for Oily skin and Combination skin, but if you have dry skin there are better options for you to achieve amazing coverage. Comment below for more info if you have dry skin and I will help you choose a better product combo.