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Color Match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation in 2 Easy Steps

Here is a short guide to quickly color match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation to your undertones and skin tone.

Color Match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation with these 2 easy steps


Step1: Look at the veins in your wrist in natural light


Step 2: Match Your Undertone Color To Your Skin Tone, Light, Medium or Dark


This should give you the right color but if you still aren’t sure check out the next image for reference


Now you are ready to order




Younique Touch Liquid VS Cream Foundation

youniquetouchliquidvscreamfoundationWith many of the Touch Liquid Foundation colors being on backorder, you may be wondering what the difference is between Younique Touch Liquid VS Cream Foundation. Both of these products are very popular and they both offer full coverage. They both go on silky smooth and they come in the same range of colors. There are however a few key differences that could make one more ideal for your personal coverage needs.

Younique Touch Liquid VS Cream Foundation

Touch Liquid Foundation is a liquid to powder full coverage foundation with time release technology that helps your face stay flawless all day. It is best applied with a foundation brush, powder puff brush or blusher brush. You only need to use a tiny bit each time to cover your whole face. It’s fantastic for covering redness or blemishes and the end result is a matte finish, worthy of photoshop. The price of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is $39 and it comes in a dropper bottle for easy application.

Touch Cream Foundation is a silky smooth creamy full coverage foundation. It comes in a compact and can be applied with the included sponge, a foundation brush or blending buds. It’s very effective at covering redness and blemishes and the end result is smooth, flawless skin. The Younique Cream Foundation can look a little shiny on your face so it is best to finish off with the Touch Pressed Powder if you prefer a more matte look. The price of Younique Touch Cream Foundation is $32.

Here is a Video of Younique Touch Liquid VS Cream Foundation




Touch Liquid Foundation and Blusher Brush WOW!

Touch Liquid Foundation is an amazing liquid to powder foundation that is perfect for all skin types and gives beautiful, flawless coverage.  This stuff is amazing and it can tackle the toughest job covering blemishes, acne, discoloration, rosacea you name it, it will hide it, it’s like photoshop in a bottle.

Touch Liquid Foundation can be applied with any makeup brush but when you use Younique’s Blusher Brush, the results are incredible and you only need 5 drops for your whole face!

Check out this new video showing the power of Touch Liquid Foundation and the Blusher Brush


Touch Liquid Foundation comes in 10 colors so you will be able to easily find your perfect match. I will guide you through picking your Touch Liquid Foundation color in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:  Look at the veins in your arm, are the blue, green or is it hard to tell? If they are blue you have a cool complexion and you probably have pink undertones. If they are green you have a warm complexion with golden undertones. If you can’t tell or they look like a mix of both, you probably have neutral undertones. The next step will help us find your undertones even better.

Step 2: Do you tan easily, do you burn or both? If you tan easily and well then you probably do have golden undertones. If you burn then you likely have pink undertones and if you do both then you are probably neutral.

Step 3: So now that we have a good idea of your undertones, we just need to choose the right shade based on the tone of your skin from light to dark. Look at this chart below, I like this one because it shows women wearing these exact colors and it makes it much easier to find your perfect shade. The undertones for each Touch Foundation Color are shown under the name. 

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Colors youniqueliquidfoundationfaces2

By now you should feel confident in your color of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation but if not look at the image below for more help.




Younique’s New Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Is Amazing!

I have always avoided wearing foundation on my face. It always looks funny, the shade never matches and it looks so cakey! However because I love everything Younique, I decided to get the new Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation when it came out. I am so glad I did because I love it and it gives me that flawless smooth skin look without looking like I have a makeup plastered face!

This isn’t me, but look at the coverage here!

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Befor and After

Doesn’t she look fresh faed and beautiful? I am sure she feels more confident too.

So a bottle of this will last you a very very long time, you only need a couple drops and a decent foundation brush (Younique’s is awesome) to cover your whole face. It goes on very liquidy but quickly dries to a powdery matte finish! You also have the 14 day love it guarantee in case you are nervous about getting the wrong shade, I am going to include a couple of guides here for you that should help avoid that! Seriously get a bottle of this and the new Younique concealer if you can, you will be so happy you did! Get Yours Here!

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Colors and Swatches