Younique Flawless Four Foundation Bundle April Kudos!

Younique Flawless Four Bundle April Customer Kudos The April Kudos offer is here and I am so excited to announce the Younique Flawless Four Foundation Bundle! This set is just $99 USD (prices in other countries will vary) while supplies last.

As Younique Presenters we have always recommended the Younique Flawless Four to our customers as the best bundle for a photoshopped finish but it was not a discounted set like we have available in this kudos bundle.

This set includes the 4 best Younique Products for flawless skin including:

  1. Glorious Face and Eye Primer–  a velvety-soft primer for long-lasting makeup coverage.
  2. Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer -a satin-finish concealer that lasts for hours
  3. Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation – an ultra-thin, soft, and powdery foundation
  4. FREE Liquid Foundation Brush – a uniquely designed brush with recessed areas.

All of the Younique Flawless 4 Products Combined are a ($139 USD Value) but only $99 USD for the April Kudos (while supplies last)

In Addition to the Flawless Four Bundle being available there are also 3 brand new colors of Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation and Concealer that have been added to the line up to help everyone be able to achieve flawless skin everyday.

To find your color match for the Younique Liquid Foundation and Concealer visit my color matching guide here





Younique Flawless Four

Younique Flawless Four is a hot combination of products that will help you get a perfect photo shopped finish. All of these products are naturally based , safe for all skin types and work amazingly well.

The Flawless Four Includes:

Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer (Helps keep makeup in place, keep oils at bay and gives you a smoother canvas to work on)

Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation (Superior coverage with a light, powdery, matte finish)

Younique Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer (Effortlessly conceals and hides blemishes, dark circles and more)

Younique Liquid Foundation Brush(Use to apply liquid foundation, it only takes a few drops to cover your entire face, this brush is especially good at getting foundation around and under the eyes)

With this powerful combination of products you will always have that perfect airbrushed look!

To Color Match For The Flawless Four Products Click Here

$99 USD For Month of April Only!


Younique Touch Liquid Foundation All Colors On Models