Younique Touch Liquid Foundation For Full Coverage


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Younique Liquid Full Coverage Foundation: Having acne, redness, scars or other skin problems can be embarrassing or make you feel insecure. Most of the time wearing makeup can make these conditions worse, leaving women with no way to cover their imperfections. This is how Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is so different. This non-comedogenic and oil free foundation goes on silky smooth and dries to a soft matte powder finish. When worn over a primer it can give full coverage or medium-to full coverage without. It will not clog pores or make skin conditions worse and it’s hypoallergenic so even those with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about irritation.

If you are looking for natural looking medium to full coverage follow the steps below to find your color match and which products you need for the best possible results.

The first step in color matching any foundation including Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is to figure out your undertones. Most of us already know what our undertones are (Pink, Yellow or Neutral) so this should be easy, but if you don’t know or haven’t really bought foundation before there is a very simple way to find out.

Finding Your Undertones: One of the easiest ways to get an idea of your undertones is by thinking about what normally happens when you go out in the sun. Do you burn easily (Pink Undertones)? Do you tend to tan without much effort (Yellow Undertones) or do you burn and then gradually fade to a tan (Neutral Undertones)?

Another way to determine your undertones further is to look at the veins in your wrist (In Natural Light) to see what color they are.

youniqueundertonesandveinsAs you can see above if you have blue or purple veins and look best in silver jewelry you probably have cool or pink undertones, but if your veins are more blue/green and you can wear either silver or gold colored jewelry then you are more likely to have neutral undertones. Finally if your veins are a green or olive color and gold jewelry looks the best on you, you probably have warm or yellow undertones.

Now that you know your undertones, lets look at images of the different colors of foundation.

Younique Fair/Light Complexion Foundations


Younique Medium Complexion Foundation Colors


Younique Dark Complexion Colors


Younique Deep/Darkest Complexion Foundation Colors


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Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.34.46 AM

Now that you have determined your foundation color, you may be wondering what other products you may need in order to get the best results and the most flawless finish.

younique-touch-glorious-face-primerYounique Touch Glorious Face Primer. When you want a smooth, long lasting flawless finish,  starting with a smooth canvas is essential. A primer is a fantastic way to make pores and fine lines less noticeable and give your foundation more staying power. It provides a barrier between your skin and your makeup which is important especially if you have oily or even dry skin. It gives you a smooth base to apply your foundation over ensuring full flawless coverage.


Younique Face Brushes All of  Younique’s face makeup brushes are excellent for applying our foundation.  Which one you choose depends on your needs, your preference and your budget.

youniquepowderpuddbrushThe Powder Puff Brush is often a popular choice because it’s super soft and spreads the foundation easily over the face allowing you to use less product. However the Blusher Brush is also very soft and can give you a little more control around the eyes. The Liquid Foundation Brush was specifically designed for touch liquid foundation and has a special well in the center which can hold product. This brush is a great option for those used to using a stiffer brush for a more controlled application.







The Best Younique Foundation for Your Skin Type

younique foundation for your skin type

When it comes to Younique Foundations, depending on your skin type there may be one foundation that is a better fit for you than the others. You want your makeup to look flawless all day so finding the best Younique Foundation for Your Skin Type is essential for this.

Oily Skin: If your skin type is Oily then chances are keeping oil from breaking through and making your face look shiny is probably one of your main concerns. This is where the Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation can come to the rescue. It offers full coverage and is very effective in keeping oils at bay. It can cover blemishes and looks very smooth, is light feeling and not cakey. You can apply it with the included sponge or with our powder puff brush. You may want to start with the Glorious Face and Eye Primer as well to further ensure that the finish stays matte and your makeup stays put.

Another option for Oily skin when you don’t need a lot of coverage is our loose mineral powder concealer. This offers a very light but soft matte finish and looks extremely natural. This will help you fight the shine without looking like you are wearing anything at all. This should be applied with the Younique Powder Puff Brush for the best results.

Oily or Combination Skin : When you want full coverage and the most flawless photoshopped look, then the Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is a great choice for those with combination or oily skin. This foundation goes on as a liquid but dries to a powdery matte finish. It has special ingredients that help to blur imperfections and also ensure that it looks amazing all day with time release technology. You can apply our Liquid Foundation with almost any of our foundation brush options and get incredible coverage of blemishes, redness, scars or any other issues you may have. It is always best to start with Glorious Face and Eye Primer first, before applying Touch Liquid Foundation.

Dry or Mature Skin : When you have dry skin or mature skin, the main priority is going to be keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. This is where Younique BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is worth it’s weight in gold. It comes in 6 colors that you can mix and match for highlighting and contouring or to create the perfect shade. It offers medium coverage on it’s own and full coverage when you finish with a powder like our Loose Mineral Concealer. You can apply Younique BB Cream with the blending buds, foundation brush or your hands and your ill love how smooth and moisturized your skin will feel without weighing it down or clogging pores.

Another option for Dry or Mature skin is Younique Touch Cream Foundation, this goes on smooth and offers full coverage to cover blemishes, discoloration and other skin problems. You will definitely want to start with the Glorious Face and Eye Primer and finish with one of our powder options because the finish of the cream foundation is dewey.



Alternative to Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Same Coverage!

With Younique Touch Liquid Foundation being out of stock or backordered in every shade, you may be looking for an alternative product that will give you the same amazing coverage results. You can get the same flawless photoshop finish with our Younique BB Cream and Touch Pressed Powder Foundation! The Younique BB Flawless Complexion enhancer is a tinted moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated while giving you light to medium coverage. It comes in 5 shades from light to dark and gives you a dewey finish, for full coverage and a matte finish all you need to do is finish off with Younique Touch Pressed powder which will also help to set the makeup. Watch the video below to see how amazing this is!


So as you can see you can still get the results you want with our other products. This may even be a better option right now with the winter weather making our skin dryer. This will give you moisture and coverage that you and your skin will both absolutely love. The best part is all of the products you need to achieve this look are in stock!



Same Flawless Coverage as Younique Liquid Foundation With BB Cream and Concealer!

Younique Liquid Foundation gives a famously flawless finish but unfortunately for now all colors are out of stock or on backorder. The good news is, you can still get the same coverage with Younique BB Cream and Liquid Concealer. This is actually a better option for the cold winter months because most of us are suffering from dryer skin and the Younique BB Flawless Cream is a powerful tinted moisturizer which will help leave your skin hydrated all day. Watch below to see how this same amazing photoshop finish can be achieved with the bb cream and concealer.


All of the BB cream shades are in stock and most of the concealer shades are available as well! You can apply this with your hands, a powder puff or foundation brush or blending buds depending on what you have and your needs.


I actually prefer the look and feel of the BB cream for my skin because it is less likely to make my skin look dry or settle into my pores. I don’t need a very heavy coverage either so sometimes I even use it by itself or with just the pressed powder over the top for a more matte look. Either way, this is a product you want to have in your makeup collection.


Color Match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation in 2 Easy Steps

Here is a short guide to quickly color match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation to your undertones and skin tone.

Color Match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation with these 2 easy steps


Step1: Look at the veins in your wrist in natural light


Step 2: Match Your Undertone Color To Your Skin Tone, Light, Medium or Dark


This should give you the right color but if you still aren’t sure check out the next image for reference


Now you are ready to order




Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Touch Liquid Foundation


Younique’s Touch Liquid Foundation is being called “Photoshop in a Bottle” by users for very good reason. You get a perfect, airbrushed look with just 4-5 drops. It will cover redness, blemishes, help your skin look younger and it looks extremely natural. This is a liquid to powder foundation and it almost instantly dries to a soft matte finish. Younique’s Liquid Foundation is the most in demand product available right now.

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is available exclusively through Younique Presenters. Clicking the button below will take you to my official Younique Website.


$39 USD / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 GBP / $ 50 AUD / $ 55 NZD




See how well Younique Photoshop in a bottle liquid foundation covers with only a tiny amount in this video:

Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is mineral makeup with safe, naturally based ingredients. It won’t clog pores or irritate even the most sensitive skin. It’s perfect for those with combination skin but is great for oily or dry skin as well.

Get the photoshopped look by applying Younique Liquid Foundation with a powder puff, blusher or foundation brush for the best results.

Younique Photoshop in a Bottle Foundation comes in 10 different colors from light to dark here are images of women wearing the different shades.

younique photoshop in a bottle colors Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation Colors Dark

 For more help in choosing the right Younique Foundation Color visit my guide here or contact me at


$39 USD / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 GBP / $ 680 MXN / $ 50 AUD / $ 55 NZD


Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation

younique liquid to powder foundationHave you ever wished your foundation could cover as well as the best liquid but dry to a non-cakey. natural looking matte powder finish? Well Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation may just be a dream come true! This lovely liquid comes in 10 different shades in a convenient eyedropper bottle which helps you easily apply the right amount (usually just 5-6 drops is plenty) for a perfectly flawless finish. It offers truly superior coverage while still looking extremely natural, that’s because of the optical diffusers in it that help it blend in with your skin and it’s so lightweight and silky smooth feeling I was amazed the first time I applied it!

(The woman shown in this picture is wearing Younique Touch Liquid Foundation applied with a simple powder puff brush. Can you believe the coverage?)

So the real beauty of this Liquid to Powder foundation is that it’s mineral makeup and naturally based with only the safest ingredients. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, perfect for any skin type and it wont clog pores. It comes in shades for everyone ranging from light to dark and when you find your match, it’s a perfect match.  This can be applied with a foundation brush, powder puff brush, blusher brush or any makeup sponge (Younique’s makeup brushes are incredible) and you only need a tiny amount so the bottle is going to last you a very long time.

A bottle of Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation sells for $39, it looks amazing by itself but you can finish it off with pressed or loose mineral powder if you’d like and you’ll love how great it looks and lasts all day.

View my Foundation Color Quiz to find your perfect shade, then order below.

order younique liquid foundation

$39 USA / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 UK / $ 680 MXN / $ 50 AUS / $ 55 NZ


Younique BB Flawless VS Younique Touch Foundations

younique BB Flawless Tinted Moisturizer

Younique Touch Foundations

When it comes to coverage options, Younique has something for everyone. From light coverage to full coverage Younique BB Flawless Creams and Foundations come in a wide variety of shades and are naturally based and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

I am going to go over the key differences between Younique BB Flawless and Younique Touch Foundations to help you decide which would be the best for you and your coverage needs. The biggest difference between the two product lines is that BB Flawless is more of a tinted moisturizer than a typical foundation. With BB Flawless you get even light coverage so it is perfect for those with dry skin or for those who just want the most natural look. It is still very powerful and can help even out skin tone and hide and conceal blemishes or redness. (BB Flawless Can Become Your Favorite Full Coverage Foundation When Mixed With a Little Skin Perfecting Concealer or Topped With Our Pressed Powder For a Matte Finish)

Younique Touch Foundations do not have the same moisturizing properties so you would still want to begin with our Divine daily moisturizer or other skincare products. You can get a range of full coverage options suitable for oily skin (Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation) or Combination Skin (Younique Touch Cream Foundation) and for anyone needing complete coverage (Younique Touch Liquid Foundation).

Younique BB Flawless Cream and Younique Touch Foundations come in a variety of shades from light to dark so you’ll easily find the perfect match. To find your perfect shade of Touch Foundation visit my guide here and for more info on BB Flawless visit this link for more information and to find your color.