The Best Younique Foundation for Your Skin Type

younique foundation for your skin type

When it comes to Younique Foundations, depending on your skin type there may be one foundation that is a better fit for you than the others. You want your makeup to look flawless all day so finding the best Younique Foundation for Your Skin Type is essential for this.

Oily Skin: If your skin type is Oily then chances are keeping oil from breaking through and making your face look shiny is probably one of your main concerns. This is where the Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation can come to the rescue. It offers full coverage and is very effective in keeping oils at bay. It can cover blemishes and looks very smooth, is light feeling and not cakey. You can apply it with the included sponge or with our powder puff brush. You may want to start with the Glorious Face and Eye Primer as well to further ensure that the finish stays matte and your makeup stays put.

Another option for Oily skin when you don’t need a lot of coverage is our loose mineral powder concealer. This offers a very light but soft matte finish and looks extremely natural. This will help you fight the shine without looking like you are wearing anything at all. This should be applied with the Younique Powder Puff Brush for the best results.

Oily or Combination Skin : When you want full coverage and the most flawless photoshopped look, then the Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is a great choice for those with combination or oily skin. This foundation goes on as a liquid but dries to a powdery matte finish. It has special ingredients that help to blur imperfections and also ensure that it looks amazing all day with time release technology. You can apply our Liquid Foundation with almost any of our foundation brush options and get incredible coverage of blemishes, redness, scars or any other issues you may have. It is always best to start with Glorious Face and Eye Primer first, before applying Touch Liquid Foundation.

Dry or Mature Skin : When you have dry skin or mature skin, the main priority is going to be keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. This is where Younique BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is worth it’s weight in gold. It comes in 6 colors that you can mix and match for highlighting and contouring or to create the perfect shade. It offers medium coverage on it’s own and full coverage when you finish with a powder like our Loose Mineral Concealer. You can apply Younique BB Cream with the blending buds, foundation brush or your hands and your ill love how smooth and moisturized your skin will feel without weighing it down or clogging pores.

Another option for Dry or Mature skin is Younique Touch Cream Foundation, this goes on smooth and offers full coverage to cover blemishes, discoloration and other skin problems. You will definitely want to start with the Glorious Face and Eye Primer and finish with one of our powder options because the finish of the cream foundation is dewey.



The Truth About Rosacea and How Younique Foundation Can Help With Confidence!

I want to share with you a video made by a very brave, strong Younique Presenter Denise. I admire her because she is not afraid to go on camera without makeup and show her true self to the world. This is something even I would never have the courage to do and I do not struggle with any skin problems. I simply lack the confidence.

Denise has Rosacea, something she says she has even received hate mail over and she feels so passionately about her message she is willing to endure that and put herself out there to help others gain an understanding, be more compassionate and also show women with Rosacea or other skin issues a way to get their confidence back!

As women we need to stop judging and criticizing each other, especially over things like this that she can’t change and has no control over. Younique’s Mission is to uplift and empower women and this is a perfect example of how that has been accomplished!

So watch this video and you will see what real beauty and confidence is about!

In the video Denise used Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer before applying her foundation. This is a product perfect for every skin type and helps with more even and flawless coverage. The foundation she used is Younique Touch Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation. This is a great foundation for Oily skin and Combination skin, but if you have dry skin there are better options for you to achieve amazing coverage. Comment below for more info if you have dry skin and I will help you choose a better product combo.



Alternative to Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Same Coverage!

With Younique Touch Liquid Foundation being out of stock or backordered in every shade, you may be looking for an alternative product that will give you the same amazing coverage results. You can get the same flawless photoshop finish with our Younique BB Cream and Touch Pressed Powder Foundation! The Younique BB Flawless Complexion enhancer is a tinted moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated while giving you light to medium coverage. It comes in 5 shades from light to dark and gives you a dewey finish, for full coverage and a matte finish all you need to do is finish off with Younique Touch Pressed powder which will also help to set the makeup. Watch the video below to see how amazing this is!


So as you can see you can still get the results you want with our other products. This may even be a better option right now with the winter weather making our skin dryer. This will give you moisture and coverage that you and your skin will both absolutely love. The best part is all of the products you need to achieve this look are in stock!