Younique September 2017 Customer Kudos!

Younique September Customer Kudos Have Just Been Announced!

The Shining Elements Bundle- A trio of prismatic perfection. FREE SHIPPING

The Younique September Customer Kudos Bundle contains 3 brand new products!

  • Waterproof Dip and Draw 18 Hour Liquid Eyeliner (choose 1 of 4 colors)
  • Splash Liquid Lipstick in Metallic Shades  (choose one of 6 colors)
  • Powder Blush in Metallic (choose one of 2 colors)

This is the only way to get these new and limited edition products and this bundle is a fantastic value!

You might be thinking well I don’t need all of that, or I just wanted one of those things. Well I will just tell you from my experience this is totally worth it. The metallic powder blush has become my favorite blush because it ads a very pretty shimmery glow, I have been told my face is “glowing” when I wear it, but in a good way. The metallic splash lipstick doesn’t dry your lips, it lasts a very long time and the color is stunningly gorgeous. I have yet to try the eyeliner as I just ordered mine the second it became available but with 18 hours of waterproof color, you just can’t go wrong here. I couldn’t decide so I ended up purchasing 2 of the kudos offers for myself.

The Younique September Customer Kudos Bundle is Just $64 USD so $21 and Change Per Item a $13 savings! 

Arise and shine with a bundle of limited edition jewels: one each of MoodstruckTM Powder Blush, metallic Moodstruck SplashTM Liquid Lipstick, and Moodstruck PrecisionTM Dip & Draw™ Eyeliner. Gleam on, goddess.





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