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Younique Duet Sculpting Stick

Sculpt in a Snap!

This dual-ended highlighting and contour stick is the fastest way to amp up your assets. With both contouring and highlight- ing in one incredible tool, you can leave the palette at home and get your sculpting on anywhere you go.

The lighter end is ideal for highlighting the high point of cheeks, bridge of nose, and center of forehead. Flip the stick over to reveal a precision contouring tip for on-the-go chiseling and refining. With this express sculpting stick, there’s no excuse to let those cheekbones go unnoticed.


Works best over YOUNIQUETM foundation shades:

  • Light: Scarlet, Organza, Velour, and Taffeta
  • Medium: Taffeta, Chiffon, Satin, and Cashmere
  • Dark: Cashmere, Velvet, Charmeuse, and Chenille
  • Deep: Chenille, Cypress, Suede, and GeorgetteShade listed in two of the above categories? That means you can choose to go more subtle or more dramatic depending on your contouring preference

Find Your Shades of Younique Duet Sculpting Stick

Go demure or dramatic. Either way, the YOUNIQUE DUET sculpting stick plays up your favorite features for ultimate confidence.