$29 Younique Touch Liquid Concealer

There is a new way to be able to make sure you get the perfect concealer color match using your own photo and it’s called the Younique Beauty Guide Virtual Try on Room. With this tool you will be able to see how the different colors will look out of all of the Younique Products offered.  

However If you prefer to do things the old fashion way keep reading this guide below to find your perfect match.

Here is a complete guide to matching your skin to the Younique Touch Liquid Concealer. Most people prefer an exact match to their skin tone so they can cover blemishes and discoloration while others like to get a lighter color to highlight. What you decide is ultimately dependent on your needs but this guide will help you with getting a perfect match to your skin tone.

Step 1. Look at the veins in your wrist in NATURAL LIGHT. Are they Green? (Warm or Yellow Undertones) Blue or Purple (Cool or Pink Undertones) Greenish Blue (Neutral Undertones)


Now That You Have an Idea of Your Undertones Look At This Chart To Get an Even Better Idea Of Your Undertones! 


Now Here Is A More Complete Breakdown of The Younique Touch Liquid Concealer Colors and Undertones


Now you should feel confident in your color of Younique Touch Liquid Concealer if you still aren’t sure email youniquelyaudrey@gmail.com

$29 USD