Younique Makeup Look With Liquid to Powder Foundation in Satin

  • satin liquid foundationTouch Mineral Concealer and Liquid to Powder Foundation in Satin
  • Beachfront Bronzer in Hermosa
  • Moodstruck Addiction Eyeshadow Palette 2- Honorable on Lids, Perplexed in creases
  • Splurge Cream Shadow in Dainty blended on top
    Precision Eye Liners in Perfect and Pristine
  • 3D+ Mascara 
  • Eyebrow Gel and Liner in Medium
  • Precision Lip Liner in Pompous
  • Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish



Younique Makeup Look – Stunning Neutrals

Stunning neutrals

Younique Makeup Look Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard
Area Products Used Technique
Face Fresh ,  Fabulous , Glorious
Facial Contouring Frivolous , Frivolous , Frivolous
Facial Highlighting Fresh ,  Fresh , Fresh ,  Fresh
Eyebrows Irresistible
Browbone Innocent
Above Crease Beautiful , Glamorous
Crease Glamorous , Infatuated
Crow’s feet Glamorous , Provoked , Infatuated
Inner Eye Giddy
Middle Eye Provoked ,  Giddy
Outer V Glamorous , Corrupted , Infatuated
Upper Lash Line Corrupted
Lower Lash Line Corrupted
Lid Innocent ,  Beautiful
Cheeks Seductive
Lashes Moodstruck 3D fiber Lashes

Notes from Jocelyn Klarer

Younique Minerals Glorious Face and Eye 2in1 primer: the magic stuff, all over face and eyelids to prime your skin and to protect from free radicals… try not to swim in it even though I would love to fill my tub with this and just bathe myself in it everyday, kinda like Cleopatra did with milk… Face (The colors I use for my face and the application or order I apply them in may or may not work for you… I have a skin tone that is not fair in color nor dark, not even a complete medium… I am not completely cool toned, I am also not a warm tone like my mother, or even an olive coloring like my father… I am a neutral tone that has moments of pickiness and changes coloring and tone very often… Thanks genetics… Experimenting with foundation and powder colors is always recommended and encouraged… Most times most people can not just use one color base product… Sometimes two or even three colors mixed/layered will render a more natural and even coloring for the wearer and these may not stay your colors for life… Chances are that you will change skin coloring several times throughout your life and as you change, so will your skin…. ) •Fresh: very light mineral powder over entire face to lighten any uneven skin coloring. This is a perfect look for Casper the Ghost or a queen of the undead vampire look which might be completely awesome at times, but for this look I am going to have to either brave the sunlight or at least look like I have… •Fabulous: not too light not too dark just right in the middle mineral face powder (this is a great color that can be worn alone or mixed with lighter or darker shades in order to achieve a color that blends perfectly to the color of your natural skin tone) I use my powder puff brush (aka my kabuki) to buff my powder using circular motions from the center out all over to bring me back from the undead resulting in an even, flawless, and more natural looking skin tone without being too pale or overly tan. ***Why I apply in the order that I do: when using Fresh alone and no Fabulous “hey, wanna see my fangs?” Is a description that first comes to mind. Fabulous alone without Fresh is anything but Fabulous. My skin turns way too orange. If I Colored my hair green, dressed myself in white overalls with a hideous orange shirt, and danced around singing lyrics about some gluttonous bratty child that got sucked up the chocolate river vacuum pipe I would be a shoe in for 1st place in a costume contest, but it really isn’t the look I want to shoot for everyday. Fresh after Fabulous does kind of work, but still feels a little too unnatural for me and who wants to settle for “kind of works”. I prefer to get “Fresh” before I get “Fabulous!!!”**** •To add some depth and liveliness to my face I use my newest fav face tool, my contouring face brush (it’s the “must-have angled brush that’s just sooo soft you have to force yourself to put it down” brush). Angled Contour Brush: Use the fluffed edge to contour cheeks and nose, then flip the brush over and use the point to highlight the tops of cheekbones and down the centre of the nose. It’s a double wonder! •Frivolous: powder thats slightly darker than my Fabulous face powder, but still puts off a natural shading tone, basically it’s a real “fake bake” but without the “bake”… to create that sun kissed look and give a little bit of a bronzed completion, use the “E3” method to add some depth your temple, under cheekbone, jawline: draw an E or a 3 with your contour brush along the side of your face in circular motions to bring depth and contouring to your face Add a little of your Gorgeous shimmer pigment and you get a powder that can pass for that beauty bag essential known as bronzer. •Seductive: This is the newest mineral product in my Younique personal stash and believe me when i say just a little bit of this lovely product goes a very long way. This is fantastic and highly pigmented, which can be quite overwhelming if you don’t use some much needed restraint. Blending is the key to this piece and may I just say, when you blend like a pro, you will love the looks you can create… This blusher is not exactly pink, but not really red either, its actually….well its seductive… Lol.. Lightly place on apples of cheeks using a sweeping circular motion from center of face outward towards the hairline. Once again make sure you contour and and blend with Fabulous or Frivolous (your medium or medium dark powder) •I can’t stress this enough… Blend, Blend, Blend! Using your powder (kabuki) brush be sure to smooth your newly evened out beautiful skin creating that professional looking flawless finish! Now on to the fun stuff…. Eyes •Beautiful/Innocent: (I mixed half and half Beautiful with Innocent into a separate container for a lighter more “birthday suit with a slight tan”) skin colored matte finish mineral pigment for a base layer for other pigments to adhere to… (I say base layer as in “base to start from” not base as in “all over foundation makeup”…does that even make sense? Lol. Sure, okay, sounds good to me…hahahaha)… •Infatuated: luscious dark brown color… for outer crease and outer V (or birdie beak) and then blended into Glamorous in the middle crease. •Corrupted: smokey matte black color… outer V under Infatuated ****Using a blender eye brush, blend colors up towards brow bone to get rid of any hard lines. •Glamorous: rich and smooth red violet matte purple color… use in crease to blend out Corrupted and Infatuated at outer V. Make sure to blend with Provoked at middle lid in order to buff out hard lines. •Provoked: medium red brown matte color… used in the middle lid only and not on brow bone area except to blend into Glamorous and out into Infatuated… •Giddy: pale orange matte color… inner eyelid below crease, this is your light color to open up eyes… •Corrupted: (again but as liner) a smokey black matte shade that when made to apply in wet application, becomes a dramatic perfect upper and lower lash liner. ****Finish with eyelash curling, mascara, 3D lash fibers, and set lashes…


Younique Makeup Look Fall Romance

Fall Romance
Area Products Used Technique
Eyebrows Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner – Light , Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner – Medium , Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel – Light
Inner Eye Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 3(Ecstatic)
Middle Eye Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 3(Tickled)
Outer V Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 3(Irate)
Upper Lash Line Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 3(Cheeky)
Lips Pouty ,  Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick Upscale