how to apply Younique touch liquid foundation

If you have recently ordered our Foundation or are thinking of trying it, you may be wondering how to apply Younique Touch Liquid Foundation for the best results.

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation has a tendency to separate when it has been sitting for a while. It is supposed to be this way and it’s part of what helps it blend so beautifully. It will arrive separated as well so when you first receive it and before each use, it is very important to shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the contents. You should empty out the dropper bottle before you shake it to make sure the foundation in the dropper is not too runny. Now you are ready to get started.

You can apply Younique Touch Liquid Foundation using any makeup brush like a foundation brush, powder puff brush or my personal favorite the Younique Blusher Brush. All it takes is about 5 drops (give or take) to achieve full coverage on your entire face. Add the 5 drops to the top of your brush and pat it around in different parts of your face. Next just blend it around evenly. The best part about Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is it dries to a powdery matte finish. It goes on a little runny which makes it easy to spread around but quickly becomes powdery so it blends in perfectly giving you that flawless photoshopped look. This is a time release formula which is amazing because it keeps your foundation looking fresh and beautiful all day. To remove Touch Liquid Foundation you can use any facial cleanser, soap and water or Younique Shine Cloths.

Here is a short video showing how to apply the Younique Touch Liquid Foundation and get amazing coverage.




Now that you know how to apply Younique Touch Liquid Foundation you will be able to achieve perfect, flawless results every time. Enjoy your purchase! If you have not ordered yet you can do so below from my official Younique Presenter website. If you need help picking your foundation color visit my color matching guide.


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