New Younique Beachfront Kissed Collection and Product Line


Summer is almost here and it’s time to give your skin that sun kissed glow you have been missing all year. Younique just made that a whole lot easier with the new Younique Beachfront Kissed product Line and collection! You can buy each of the new Younique Beachfront Kissed products separately or all of them at 15% off and you’ll get a gorgeous gold bag.

More About The Younique Beachfront Kissed Collection:

Time to glow, girl. Get a summery, glowing look from head to toe no matter what season it is with the BEACHFRONT KISSED™ collection. Start with the ridiculously silky, golden BEACHFRONT KISSED™ shimmering body oil for skin that glows. Then, create a beach-approved, mermaid-inspired eye look with BEACHFRONT KISSED™ liquid shadows, available in six aquatic hues. Next, pump up the glow with BEACHFRONT KISSED™ highlighter, your go-to for a sun-kissed look. Top it all off with the deliciously scented BEACHFRONT KISSED™ lip oils, available in three tropical aromas with real fruit extracts and seeds. Choose one product from each product category for the ultimate glowing summer look—you’ll save 15 percent and receive the gold BEACHFRONT KISSED™ clutch FREE

Your choice of BEACHFRONT KISSED™ lip oil

One BEACHFRONT KISSED™ shimmering body oil

One BEACHFRONT KISSED™ highlighter

Your choice of BEACHFRONT KISSED™ liquid shadow

Younique Beachfront Kissed Shimmering Body Oil Pure golden glimmer

We already know you’re a gorgeous golden goddess, but it’s time to make that public knowledge. Dive headfirst into BEACHFRONT KISSEDshimmering body oil, a hydrating and refreshing body oil with a considerable amount of gold shimmer. Smooth onto bare skin and watch you glow.

How To Apply Younique Beachfront Kissed Shimmering Body Oil:

  1. Apply to bare skin, including arms, legs, and décolletage.
  2. Smooth into skin and allow to dry before dressing.
  3. Use year-round for shimmering, pampered, silky skin.

Younique Beachfront Kissed Liquid Shadow 

Time to glow. Live life like you’re at the beach with creamy liquid shadows in jewel tones and aquatic hues. Blendable, buildable, and perfectly portable, your new favorite liquid shadows will have you feeling like a glowing sea siren.


Younique Beachfront Kissed Liquid Shadow Colors

How To Apply Younique Beachfront Kissed Liquid Shadow

  1. Prep lids with MOODSTRUCK® eye primer.
  2. Using built-in applicator, apply liquid shadow to lid.
  3. Blend in with applicator, finger, or YOUNIQUE™ blending brush.
  4. Build to desired color intensity, allowing to dry between layers.

Younique Beachfront Kissed Highlighter

Year-round summertime shimmer

Get Glowing. The sun loves you. And no wonder—you’re a bona fide beach beauty with this shimmering gold highlighter. It’s versatile, buildable, and perfect for creating that just-got-back-from-the-beach look almost anywhere you want it, including your eyelids, cheekbones, collarbones, and Cupid’s bow. So, go ahead. Get sun-kissed.

How To Apply Younique Beachfront Kissed Highlighter

  1. Apply anywhere you want sun-kissed, summertime skin year-round.
  2. For a light, sheer application, apply with YOUNIQUE™ fan brush.
  3. Apply with the larger end of YOUNIQUE™ powder/concealer brush for an intense, concentrated look. Use the smaller end for more intricate areas.


Your tropical island getaway—no sand included.

Sheer bliss for your lips. Get whisked away to paradise with three deliciously scented lip oils. These glossy lip treatments are infused with tropical aromas and real fruit extracts and seeds so you’re never far from the beach.

Younique Beachfront Kissed Lip Oil Comes In 3 Different Scents: Oceanside is coconut scented and contains real coconut. Paradise Beach is kiwi scented and contains real kiwi seeds. Cocoa Beach is cocoa scented and contains real cocoa pieces.Each lip oil delivers a clear, glossy finish.

Now you have all of the info on getting the best summer glow with the Younique Beachfront Kissed product line. Take advantage of 15% off and get the free golden bag when you buy the whole collection


Younique June Customer Kudos 2018


The Younique June Customer Kudos is all about you being you.

Celebrate your style with a versatile bundle that puts you in the spotlight. Bold and daring? Subtle and sophisticated? The choice is yours.

Get the eye and lip looks to suit your style with your choice of versatile MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION® shadow palettes and STIFF UPPER LIP® lip stains.

Top off your look by lining your lids with help from the limited edition YOUNIQUE eyeliner brush (found only in this collection!), and stash your newfound favorites in a free collectible makeup bag.


Create a look you’ll love. With six MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION® shadow palettes and 13 STIFF UPPER LIP® lip stain colors, the possibilities are endless! Treat yourself to an updated, on-trend look. Be your most beautiful self.
Take your eye look from serene to extreme with crease-resistant, buildable colors you’ll crave. Each palette packs seven hues, giving you the power to create looks ranging from soft and sweet to dark and dramatic. Addicted yet?

Give lips a pop of color that lasts with this smudge-proof, smooch-proof lip stain. Whether you want a soft pink or a deep purple, there’s a color to match your mood.

YOUNIQUE™ eyeliner brush
The YOUNIQUEeyeliner brush pairs perfectly with the shadow palette and other pressed and cream shadows to create precisely lined lids.

A free bag found only in the June Customer Kudos
The limited edition collectible makeup bag is a perfect way to carry your favorites in style.
Your bundle. Your look.

Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation Is Back In Stock


Yay! Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation Is Finally Back In Stock! If you have been waiting to try this foundation or waiting for your shade to come back you can now order online, if you need to color match you can follow my guide below. In addition to Younique Touch Pressed Powder being back in stock, there is a completely new line of Younique foundations in pressed and loose powder that comes in 13 new shades. Its satiny smooth buildable color.

The first step in color matching your foundation is to know your undertones. Basically if you go out in the sun and you turn pink or red and burn easily you most likely have cool or pink undertones. If you start to tan and brown easily in the sun you have warm or yellow undertones and most likely olive skin. If you burn but then it becomes a tan over the next couple of days then you are most likely to have neutral undertones. If you still aren’t sure, you can look at the veins in your wrist outside or in natural light to see what color they are. If they are blue or purple colored you have cool or pink undertones. If your veins are green then you have warm or yellow undertones. If you can’t tell if they are blue or green or if they are kind of a mix of the two then you are neutral.

Once you know your undertones you can look at this chart below to see what color would be the best match, this is based on how dark your complexion is and the undertones you have.

If you still are not sure which color is for you you can visit this link for a larger simulation of what all 26 colors look like.

Younique May Customer Kudos – Younique Touch Trio Bundle


I am super excited to announce the Younique May Customer Kudos Offer! This month you get the Touch Trio Bundle which is an amazing deal and includes your choice of some amazing products to help you get perfect coverage and a flawless finish

Younique Touch Trio Bundle

3 Products You Choose!!

Your answer to a flawless complexion: three essential face products for your daily routine 30% off! $79 USD

What is the LOVE YOUR SHADE GUARANTEE return policy?
When you purchase one of our qualifying face products during May 2018, we will guarantee your match. If you don’t like your shade, we’ll provide a free replacement of the same foundation type or concealer in another shade—no need to return the original product purchased


Here is what you get in the Younique Touch Trio Bundle for the Younique May Customer Kudos

First, choose from Younique Touch Glorious Primer or Younique Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer Younique Glorious Primer is perfect for prepping your skin before you apply any foundation, it creates a smoother surface and helps hide pores. Younique skin perfecting concealer is perfect for hiding dark circles or touching up any little areas you want to conceal on your face.

Next You Choose Your Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Color and/or concealer color 

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is often called photoshop in a bottle for it’s amazing coverage. It starts out like a regular liquid but it dries to a gorgeous, natural and flawless matte powder finish

Finally you have your choice of setting products. Choose from Younique Behold Translucent Setting Powder or Touch Setting Spray for a long lasting finish. Or for a better application you can choose the Younique Liquid Foundation Brush or Powder Puff Brush.

Younique setting powder and spray are the perfect way to lock in your look and help it last all day while preventing smudging and reducing the effects of sweat and oils. If you don’t want or need a setting product, You can also choose between the liquid foundation and the powder puff brush to help with your application. The powder puff brush can be used to apply both liquid foundation or powder while the liquid foundation brush is best suited and ideal for our liquid foundation.

Ready To Order Your Younique May Customer Kudos Touch Trio Bundle?

Younique Duet Sculpting Stick


Younique Duet Sculpting Stick

Sculpt in a Snap!

This dual-ended highlighting and contour stick is the fastest way to amp up your assets. With both contouring and highlight- ing in one incredible tool, you can leave the palette at home and get your sculpting on anywhere you go.

The lighter end is ideal for highlighting the high point of cheeks, bridge of nose, and center of forehead. Flip the stick over to reveal a precision contouring tip for on-the-go chiseling and refining. With this express sculpting stick, there’s no excuse to let those cheekbones go unnoticed.


Works best over YOUNIQUETM foundation shades:

  • Light: Scarlet, Organza, Velour, and Taffeta
  • Medium: Taffeta, Chiffon, Satin, and Cashmere
  • Dark: Cashmere, Velvet, Charmeuse, and Chenille
  • Deep: Chenille, Cypress, Suede, and GeorgetteShade listed in two of the above categories? That means you can choose to go more subtle or more dramatic depending on your contouring preference

Find Your Shades of Younique Duet Sculpting Stick

Go demure or dramatic. Either way, the YOUNIQUE DUET sculpting stick plays up your favorite features for ultimate confidence.

Younique Duet Eyeshadow


Younique Duet Eyeshadow

Perfectly Paired for Dual-toned Glamour

We’ve taken the guesswork out of creating gorgeous eye looks with perfectly paired duos of complementary colors. These gorgeous shadow sisters are generously sized, yet live in a compact small enough to slip into a side pocket. Let everyone think you’ve spent an hour getting ready; only you’ll know it took just minutes.

The top shadow gives a sheer wash of flattering shimmer ideal for an all-over lid color, while the bottom shadow is an ultra-buttery matte shadow perfect for the crease or outer V. Professional results in a hurry? That’s the

Choose Your Color of Younique Duet Eyeshadow 

The top shadow gives a sheer wash of shimmer ideal for an all-over lid color, while the bottom shadow is an ultra-buttery matte shadow perfect for the crease or outer V. A range of flattering colors brings out the best in every skin tone.

How To Apply Younique Duet Eyeshadow

  1. Apply shimmer all over lid using your choice of brush (we recommend the YOUNIQUE™ angled shadow/sponge brush).
  2. Apply matte shadow to crease and outer V. Feel free to experiment!

Younique Duet Lipstick


Younique Duet Lipstick – Double the Color for Twice the Spice

On-Trend Ombré

Make your lipstick pull double-duty with a two-in-one bullet featuring gorgeous complementary colors. Snag the hottest ombré lips without the hassle of brushes, liners, or multiple lipsticks.

Younique Duet Lipstick Comes in Daring Colors

Contrast, sculpt, and stun in one easy stroke for fuller-looking lips. This double whammy will get you feeling twice as spicy with half the hassle.

How To Apply Younique Duet Lipstick

  1. Place tip of teardrop at edge of top lips and swipe across to line and fill.
  2. Flip teardrop upside down and place tip at edge of bottom lip, then swipe across to line and fill.
  3. Blend together by blotting your lips, or using your finger or a lip brush, if needed.

Younique April Customer Kudos Promotion


The Younique’s April Customer Kudos Promotion is extra special because the Younique Perfume Fragrances Just Launched Today!

For the month of April and while supplies last, when you buy any two Younique signature perfume fragrances, you will get a FREE fountain pen, when you buy any 3 you will get a gorgeous genuine silk scarf for FREE. You will also receive FREE Shipping with any two or more bottles of Younique Signature Perfume.




Learn more about all 3 of the brand new Younique Perfume Fragrances Below


Made of silk as light as daydreams, this scarf features a collage of genuine love letters to wear and to treasure.

FREE When You Buy 3 Younique Fragrances as part of the Younique April Customer Kudos!


An instrument of meticulous beauty, this fountain pen provides inspiration for countless tales of hope and passion.

Yours FREE when you buy 2 Younique Signature Perfume Fragrances as part of the Younique April Customer Kudos

Younique April Customer Kudos Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the April Customer Kudos?The April Customer Kudos features special gifts and a discounted price when purchasing sets of two or three fragrances of your choice between April 1, 2018, at 6 a.m. PDT and April 30, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

    Purchase a set of any two fragrances and receive a fountain pen. An instrument of meticulous beauty, this fountain pen provides inspiration for countless tales of hope and passion.

    Purchase a set of any three fragrances and receive a fountain pen and a 100 percent pure silk scarf. Made of silk as light as daydreams, this scarf features a collage of genuine love letters to wear and to treasure.

  2. How much does the April Customer Kudos cost?A set of two fragrances purchased as part of the April Customer Kudos costs a discounted price of $109 USD, $130 CAD, $155 AUD, $150 NZD, £85 GBP, $1,896 MXN, 117 € EUR, or HK$844.

    A set of three fragrances purchased as part of the April Customer Kudos costs a discounted price of $159 USD, $190 CAD, $227 AUD, $219 NZD, £124 GBP, $2,766 MXN, 171 € EUR, or HK$1,232.

    Please note that to receive the discount and gift(s), you must purchase the fragrances through the April Customer Kudos bundle, not as individual fragrances.

  3. Can I choose the fragrances included in the April Customer Kudos?Absolutely—that’s the best part! Choose any combination of the following three scents:
    • Passionately yours, me—This warm, sensuous fragrance awakens your infinite capacity for love, passion, and life. It is an enchanting floral Oriental imbued with the nuances of fruit
    • Dreaming of you, me—A complex floral that mirrors the exquisite contradictions of the female spirit: bold and confident, yet delicate and tender. This fresh modern floral is infused with the intricacy of suede.
    • Yours and only yours, me—A bright woody floral that echoes the optimism and warmth of an innocent heart. Vibrant, yet irresistibly sensual, this yellow fragrance leaves a bright first impression.
  4. Can I use Y-CASH credit or half-price items to pay for the April Customer Kudos?No, you cannot use Y-CASH credit or half-price items to purchase the April Customer Kudos. You can use Y-CASH credit or half-price items on single fragrance purchases, however.
  5. Which markets are eligible to participate in the April Customer Kudos?All current markets are eligible to participate.
  6. Will my hostess earn Party Points for every April Customer Kudos purchase?Yes. Your hostess will earn either 109 Party Points or 159 Party Points for each April Customer Kudos purchased, depending on the bundle purchased.
  7. Will I earn Royalty Points for every April Customer Kudos purchase?Yes. You will earn either 109 Royalty Points or 159 Royalty Points for each April Customer Kudos purchased, depending on the bundle purchased.
  8. Is there a limit to how many April Customer Kudos I can purchase?Nope! Go ahead and stock up!
  9. If one of the fragrances sells out, will it go on backorder and/or will it become available again?Not as part of the April Customer Kudos. The fragrances will continue to be available for individual sale, however. Once the gifts are gone, the April Customer Kudos will end, and the gifts will no longer be available.

FREE Younique Exfoliating Mask With Purchase Limited Time Only


If you want younger looking, healthy and radiant skin, you need to exfoliate. For a limited time only Younique is giving away a Free Younique Exfoliating mask with your purchase of $125 or more USD (amount varies in other currencies)

This is a $49 USD value! Yours absolutely FREE! You’ll also receive FREE Shipping on your entire order.

A great idea for this promotion is to purchase a Younique collection, you’ll save on all of the products in the collection, get a gorgeous free evening bag and the free mask plus free shipping it is an amazing deal.

Younique’s Exfoliating Mask minimizes dullness and turns up the radiance. A gentle yet effective blend of proprietary ingredients combines to cleanse impurities that can dampen your glow. After ten days of recommended use, 90% of individuals said their skin looked significantly renewed and fresher. Unmask your natural vibrancy and keep your skin glowing strong.

Younique Exfoliating Mask Ingredients: 

Butylene Glycol acts as a humectant.

Kaolin is a kind of clay that works as a bulking agent.

Magnesium Oxide is a natural source of magnesium.

Glycerin is a type of alcohol that conditions hair and skin.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is a skin conditioner and controls viscosity in formula.

Dimethicone PEG-8 Meadowfoamate1 is a skin conditioning agent.

Dimethiconol is a skin conditioning agent that also controls viscosity.

Dimethicone is a smoothing agent that provides a slip for a product.

PEG-23 Glyceryl Distearate is a skin conditioner.

PEG-100 Stearate is a surfactant and emollient.

Castoryl Maleate is a modified castor oil used as a skin conditioner.

Glyceryl Stearate is an emollient and emulsifying agent that gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.

PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer is a film former and a skin conditioner.

Diheptyl Succinate is a surfactant.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate is a skin conditioner.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter conditions the skin.

Sucrose is a sweetener.

Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer is a film former.

Cetyl Alcohol helps stabilize the product and helps control texture.

Boron Nitride is a bulking agent that provides volume to the formula and also provides “slip” to enable product to apply smoothly.

Stearoxymethicone/Dimethicone Copolymer is a film former.

Fragrance/Parfum gives a scent.

BHT is a preservative.

Tocopheryl Acetate conditions and smoothes the hair and skin.

Water/Aqua/Eau is a solvent used as a base for most formulas, and helps to distribute other ingredients evenly over the skin.

Silica is an opacifier.


Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)

Join Younique Sell Makeup, Skincare and Now Perfume!


There has never been a better time to join Younique! We have amazing makeup and skincare that already delivers incredible results, women everywhere are changing their lives and living their dreams. Now coming April 1st, Younique will also have a high end fragrance line, all 3 of the new perfumes smell absolutely amazing and as a Younique Presenter you’ll be able to tap into a multi billion dollar a year industry by offering perfume to your customers. Women everywhere love perfume and once they find a perfume they love they will stay loyal to that brand and fragrance.

If you are a woman who loves makeup, skincare, perfume or all 3, you will quickly fall in love with Younique Products and everything this company and opportunity has to offer.

All it takes to get started is the purchase of the Younique Presenter’s Kit  for $99 USD

Here is the Younique Presenter’s Kit and everything that comes with it, you’ll also receive gel samples of all 3 new perfume fragrances in your kit.

  • MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES+™ lash enhancer
  • MOODSTRUCK EPIC™ mascara
  • MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM™ lash serum
  • MOODSTRUCK PRECISION™ pencil eyeliner – Perfect
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow quad palette
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Agile
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Fervent
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Optimistic
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Slick
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow – Tenacious
  • YOUNIQUE™ angled shadow/sponge brush
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLASH® Liquid Lipstick – Stubborn
  • YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ exfoliating mask
  • YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ mask samples (1 sachet of each mask: oil control, detoxifying, and exfoliating)
  • TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation sample card
  • Fragrance Sample Card
  • $20 Y-Cash
  • White Status Charm
  • ZenPrint Promotional Card
  • March 2018 Catalog
  • Welcome Card
  • The Younique Foundation Card
  • Product Card
  • Business/Opportunity Card
  • Fast Start Card
  • Younique-branded, purple faux leather makeup bag

Presenter Kit contents are subject to change