Younique Brow Fiber Gel and Pencil Review

Ahh Eyebrows, the bane of my existence. Ever since I can remember my eyebrows have been something I have struggled with, first they are so light you can barely see them it really looks funny especially when mascara easily solved my light eyelash issues. So I tried everything, Waxing and dying, permanent makeup eyebrow tattooing, eyeshadow, brown pencil with or without shaving them off. Nothing looked natural or very good. So naturally when Younique Brow Fiber Gel and Pencil sets were released I could not get ahold of them fast enough. I initially bought the light brow kit because I am pretty fair skinned and my brows are as blonde as humanly possible. However I actually prefer the medium and sometimes a combination of both shades to make it look even better. So the Younique brow pencil is fantastic, it has an extremely fine tip which really helps mimic your own hairs, it doesn’t look harsh or drawn on at all. You just kind of trace the outline of your brows lightly and then use an up and over motion to fill in the sparse areas or if you are like me darken the entire brow, I like to take the spoolie tip that comes with it to kind blend everything in and soften the look even more. After you have outlined and darkened the brows you finish off with Younique Fiber Brow Gel which comes int he same color as the pencil and gently ads fibers to help fill in the thin or sparse areas. I typically let that dry and go over it all again with the spoolie again to soften it.

This video will show you a really good example of the application process for Younique Brow Fiber Gel and Pencil

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