Why Use Younique primer? The 3 Main Benefits

Why Use Younique primer?  There are 3 main benefits to using Younique primer to prepare your skin before applying your face makeup Younger Looking Skin Reduced Appearance of Pores Longer Lasting Makeup    Younger Looking Skin : Smooth skin is young skin and as we get older it can become harder to keep our skin from […]

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation For Full Coverage

SEE YOUNIQUE FOUNDATION COLOR MATCHING GUIDE BELOW Younique Liquid Full Coverage Foundation: Having acne, redness, scars or other skin problems can be embarrassing or make you feel insecure. Most of the time wearing makeup can make these conditions worse, leaving women with no way to cover their imperfections. This is how Younique Touch Liquid Foundation […]

Why You Need Younique Glorious Primer

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s a crime not to prime?”. Applying makeup without using a primer first is similar to painting a car or a wall without a primer. All the blemishes, pores and imperfections show through. Using a primer like Younique Glorious Primer creates a perfectly smooth canvas that is perfect for […]

Younique Flawless Four

FLAWLESS FOUR NOW AVAILABLE IN OCTOBER CUSTOMER KUDOS  Younique Flawless Four is a hot combination of products that will help you get a perfect photo shopped finish. All of these products are naturally based , safe for all skin types and work amazingly well. The Flawless Four Includes: Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer (Helps […]