With Younique Spray on Foundation an airbrushed look is now possible at home. It’s light as air so you can’t even feel it on your skin, it’s non comedogenic so it won’t clog pores and it’s powerful enough to conceal and blur imperfections giving everyone a flawless finish. The price is just $42 USD per bottle which makes this Younique airbrush full coverage foundation affordable for anyone to try at home without needing any special equipment.

To apply all you need is a brush like our kabuki brush, to spray the foundation onto and then apply it to your face using a circular motion. For the best results work on one section of your face at a time so you can quickly blend in the product giving you a more flawless finish.

Younique Airbrush Foundation gives you a full 12 hours of wear and moves with your skin so you don’t have to touch up or reapply. You can enjoy your day or special event without having to worry about if your makeup still looks good. It’s a foundation for serious long lasting coverage.

Younique Airbrush Spray On Foundation Comes In All 19 Colors

It’s easier than ever to find the right color match for Younique airbrush spray on foundation with the new Virtual Beauty Guide Try on Room . Simply upload a photo or snap a live picture and you can try on all of the makeup you’d like to see which colors look best. You can also try the Younique Shade Finder to see how the shades look on models or follow my step by step color matching guide.








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