Looking for an Easy Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial? Younique BB Creams make it so simple to get the perfect look while bringing out and enhancing the best features of your face. Younique BB Creams are also ultra hydrating so it’s like skincare and makeup in one. Watch the video below for an Easy Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial using Younique BB Creams.



The Younique Countour and Highlight Set includes your choice of 2 BB Creams and one set of blending buds to create your perfect look at a great discount!


To help you decide which 2 colors of Younique BB Cream to start with check out the charts below. Do not worry if you don’t see an exact match you will use one light color (Cream, Bisque or Honey) for highlighting and one dark color (caramel, chestnut, carob) for contouring.




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