Younique has so many amazing product and coverage options when it comes to foundation. One of the most popular and loved Younique foundations is the pressed power. It can give you medium to full coverage, has a nice weightless feel and a matte finish. The video below shows some tips on how you can get the absolute best coverage with Younique pressed powder foundation and an extremely natural look and finish.

There are 13 color shades in Younique Mineral Touch Pressed Powder Foundation follow the color matching guide below the video to choose the right color match for you.

Younique Mineral Touch Pressed Powder Foundation Color Matching Guide

The first step in color matching any foundation is to know your undertones. If you don’t know what your undertones are there are a few things that can help you, whether you tan or burn in the sun is the easiest factor in determining your undertones. If you burn easily in the sun without sunscreen you have Cool or Pink undertones but if you easily tan and don’t need much sunscreen then you are likely to have Warm or Yellow undertones. On the other hand if you burn but it fades into a tan soon after then you have Neutral or Beige/Olive undertones.This chart below shows you the colors that correspond to each type of undertones.

Now that you likely know your undertones and have seen the corresponding shades, use the images below to further determine your color

If you need further help with finding your color contact me at

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