We all know how wonderful dry shampoo can be. Your hair is dirty, greasy, messy but you don’t have time to wash it so you get out the dry shampoo and in minutes your hair is clean, bouncy and good as new. Well what if there was a similar option or makeup brushes? Your brushes are dirty but cleaning and drying them would take too long. Makeup brushes harbor a lot of bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly to prevent breakouts and other issues. Now there is a way to clean and condition your brushes that takes just minutes and your brushes are ready to be used again immediately after cleaning.

Younique Makeup Brush Cleaner is oil based, water free and works like magic to quickly clean your brushes and restore their shape and softness. Use it daily or as often as needed to keep your brushes sanitary and looking good as new.

This product is only available for a limited time, get yours now before it’s gone


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