Looking to save money on Younique perfume  and get high quality fragrance at a very affordable price? With this discounted set of 3 Younique Fragrances, you can get each bottle of Younique Perfume for just $41.66 each!

The Younique Fragrance set comes with your choice of any 3 out of the 4 available scents of full size Younique perfumes. You can even choose the same 3 if there is one you especially like.

Purchase any three fragrances for this discounted price and receive a fountain pen and a silk scarf featuring a collage of the actual love letters Melanie sent to her future husband.

Pay just $125 For Your Choice of 3 Younique Perfume Fragrances 

Here are the 4 Younique Perfume Fragrances and The Description of Each Scent

Younique With All My Heart, Me Perfume

Key IngredientsHoneysuckle nectarPink peonyComforting sandalwood

Top NotesWatery litchi
Dewy violet leaves
Honeysuckle nectar
Heart NotesRose petals
Pink peony
Enticing orange flower
Base NotesComforting sandalwood
Creamy cashmere wood
Soft musks




Younique Passionately Yours, Me Perfume 

Key IngredientsRipe pearPurple magnoliaVelvety woods

Top NotesRipe nashi pear, juicy cantaloupe, enticing passion flower

Heart NotesSheer tuberose, purple magnolia, pink dandelion

Base NotesVelvety woods, white musks, luscious vanilla






Younique Dreaming Of You, Me Perfume

Key IngredientsBlue sky breezeDelicate tea blossomSoft suede

Top NotesFresh cucumber, blue sky breeze, translucent freesia

Heart NotesDelicate tea blossom, blissful lily of the valley, delicate violet petals

Base NotesSoft suede, fluffy musks, enveloping sandalwood





Younique Yours and Only Yours, Me Perfume

Key IngredientsCrisp leavesBrilliant white flowersLuminous vetiver

Top NotesCrisp leaves, vibrant tagete, exquisite blackcurrant

Heart NotesCharismatic ylang-ylang, brilliant white flowers, blonde woods

Base NotesWarm ambrofix, precious sandalwood, luminous vetiver



Younique’s first fragrance line tells the true love story of our founder, Melanie Huscroft, and her future husband. Over two years of separation, they exchanged letter after letter filled with passion, hope, and devotion. Melanie spritzed each letter with her perfume so her sweetheart would be transported to memories of them together as he read.

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