Touch Liquid Foundation is an amazing liquid to powder foundation that is perfect for all skin types and gives beautiful, flawless coverage.  This stuff is amazing and it can tackle the toughest job covering blemishes, acne, discoloration, rosacea you name it, it will hide it, it’s like photoshop in a bottle.

Touch Liquid Foundation can be applied with any makeup brush but when you use Younique’s Blusher Brush, the results are incredible and you only need 5 drops for your whole face!

Check out this new video showing the power of Touch Liquid Foundation and the Blusher Brush


Touch Liquid Foundation comes in 10 colors so you will be able to easily find your perfect match. I will guide you through picking your Touch Liquid Foundation color in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:  Look at the veins in your arm, are the blue, green or is it hard to tell? If they are blue you have a cool complexion and you probably have pink undertones. If they are green you have a warm complexion with golden undertones. If you can’t tell or they look like a mix of both, you probably have neutral undertones. The next step will help us find your undertones even better.

Step 2: Do you tan easily, do you burn or both? If you tan easily and well then you probably do have golden undertones. If you burn then you likely have pink undertones and if you do both then you are probably neutral.

Step 3: So now that we have a good idea of your undertones, we just need to choose the right shade based on the tone of your skin from light to dark. Look at this chart below, I like this one because it shows women wearing these exact colors and it makes it much easier to find your perfect shade. The undertones for each Touch Foundation Color are shown under the name. 

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Colors youniqueliquidfoundationfaces2

By now you should feel confident in your color of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation but if not look at the image below for more help.



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