I love Younique BB Flawless, it’s probably my favorite “foundation” option that we have. I love it because it is ultra moisturizing with just the right amount of color and it isn’t cakey, or orangey or anything else I have hated about other foundations in the past. I love all of our foundations but this suits me the best because I have clear skin that’s generally on the dry side and I really only want a little bit of coverage on most days. Now that is not to say that Younique BB Flawless cannot handle jobs that require more coverage. This is a super build able foundation option and when you mix it with a little concealer before you apply it or put the touch pressed powder on top you get full coverage much like our Liquid Foundation and it does such a great job at hiding blemishes, discoloration, dark circles you name it. There are only 6 shades so color matching is really easy, you don’t have to worry about undertones with this, really just the darkness of your skin. Check out my Younique BB Flawless Color Matching Charts Below.

Here are the Younique BB Flawless Shades as they correlate to Younique Touch Foundations in case you have already been color matched for those. 



Here are some complexions that match really well with the Younique BB Creams, I find them to be a bit more versatile than this but this is a pretty good idea of how dark each one is. Cream is very very light but bisque can be worn by people lighter than the pictures here show. 





If you would like me to help with Younique BB Flawless color matching just shoot me an email Youniquelyaudrey@gmail.com or comment below and I will gladly help you find a match for any of our products.

$39 USD



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