Recently, one of the Younique founders mentioned that one of the most requested products they’ve ever had since launching was brown mascara.

Brown mascara is the perfect eye product for women who love the no makeup makeup look and these days who doesn’t? We love the idea of natural beauty but too many of us feel a little naked without some makeup on and that is where brown mascara is a fabulous solution.

In addition to being brown, Younique’s new brown mascara is a part of the epic mascara family which gives you an instantaneous lash boost in a one step, fiber free formula that we all love. All 3 formulas of epic mascara are clinically proven to add incredible volume, length, and curl. In fact, just one coat of epic mascara delivers up to a 244% increase in lash volume, and up to 430.3% in just two coats. It looks so natural, non clumpy and light weight. It feels like nothing is on and now with brown mascara it can look that way too.

If you are intrigued with the idea of Younique’s new epic brown mascara you can get it for just $24 and to make the deal even sweeter you can now opt to join the Younique Subscription Program that is only for epic mascara and gives you free shipping as often as you choose. You can cancel any time you want and your first order and everything else in your cart will ship out right away and for free, no minimum order requirement.

I know I can’t wait to try mine when it gets here and I am so excited for you to try it too. Get yours today


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