Younique Fast Start Rewards Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Younique Fast Start program?
The Fast Start program is designed to encourage new Presenters to make sales and build their teams in their first 90 days as a Presenter and to reward them as they reach certain achievements.

How long do I have to earn the Fast Start rewards?
You have 60 days from the time you sign up as a new Younique Presenter to earn Fast Start rewards.

When does my 60 days start?
Your 60 days will start the day you sign up as a Younique Presenter.

How are Younique Fast Start rewards earned?
There are two ways to earn Fast Start rewards:

Additionally, you earn the overall Fast Start Award by reaching 1,000 PRS AND sponsoring two Younique Presenters during your first 60 days. This award includes a YOUNIQUE™ makeup bag with Younique products and tools with a retail value of more than $200 USD and a Fast Start charm.

Will there be a Fast Start charm?
Yes! Younique Presenters who earn 1,000 PRS AND sponsor two new Younique Presenters during their first 60 days will receive a Fast Start charm.

If I earn Y-CASH™ credit, when will I receive it?
Y-CASH™ credit bonuses will be paid three hours after it is earned, taking into account returns and cancellations.

Where can I track my Fast Start progress?
You can track your Fast Start progress by logging into your Back Office and viewing the Fast Start section under the My Office menu.

What is the Fast Start Mentoring Award?
Each time you help a Younique Presenter who you’ve personally sponsored to earn the Fast Start award, you will receive a $100 Y-CASH™ credit bonus and a special Fast Start mentor charm. There are different charms based on the number of Fast Start-earning Younique Presenters you mentor: 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50.

What does it mean to personally sponsor?
To personally sponsor someone means that the new Younique Presenter signs up directly under you.

New Younique Presenters I’ve personally sponsored have earned Fast Start rewards. When will I receive my corresponding rewards? 
Y-CASH™ credit will be paid out three hours after completion. Mentoring charms will be manually added to the sponsor’s account and can be redeemed with the Younique Presenter’s next purchase.

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