Younique has a new special for September and  it includes everything you need for a flawless face and finish. The Younique Flawless 4 and Flawless 4 + are two heavily discounted bundles that you will not want to miss out on.

FLAWLESS FOUR and FLAWLESS FOUR+ are back and more exciting than ever with the inclusion of our new YOUNIQUE TOUCH serum+ foundation. This foundation’s breathable, buildable coverage cares for your skin while you wear it, leaving your skin better than it found it. Plus, its soft focus technology helps blur imperfections, just like a real-life selfie filter! The two bundle options allow you to customize your coverage to fit your skin’s needs for a picture-perfect, camera-ready finish.


Younique Flawless 4

The FLAWLESS FOUR bundle features savings of up to 31% on:



Younique Flawless 4 +

The FLAWLESS FOUR+ bundle features savings of up to 28% on:


How much does the September Special cost?
The FLAWLESS FOUR bundle costs $99 USD, $119 CAD, $142 AUD, $159 NZD, £78 GBP, 107 € EUR, $1,723 MXN, or HK$768.

The FLAWLESS FOUR+ bundle costs $155 USD, $186 CAD, $222 AUD, $248 NZD, £121 GBP, 168 € EUR, $2,697 MXN, or HK$1,202.

Can I choose the products and shades included in the September Special?
Yes, you can! You can choose the type of primer, foundation, setting product, and—if you order the FLAWLESS FOUR+ bundle—the face brush you’d like with this bundle. You also get to choose the shade of concealer and foundation to best match your skin tone.

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