When it comes to applying Younique’s foundations there are several different brush types and each one has its advantages and benefits when it comes to the different types of foundations Younique has to offer. All Younique brushes are made with either real hair or high quality synthetic fibers. I am going to cover each type of brush and which products each one works best for.

Younique Kabuki Brush:

This multidimensional brush lends itself to any foundation format. Wide and flat, it’s capable of reaching every contour of your face and evenly covering the surface of your skin. Named after the dramatically powdered faces of Kabuki theater, the kabuki brush offers you a similar porcelain-perfect complexion and a flawless, pore-free look.






youniquepowderpuddbrushYounique Powder Puff Brush: This is a super soft kabuki type brush made of capra hair. It works wonderfully for applying Touch Pressed Powder Foundation and Touch Liquid Foundation. It’s also wonderful for applying our Loose Mineral Concealer. You get great coverage with this brush especially with the liquid foundation using only a few drops. This brush will not absorb any of the liquid foundation and stays dry and clean after each use. The drawback of this brush is it is a little harder to get around the eyes or in concentrated areas because of it’s large size.

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Younique Blusher Brush: An angled super soft capra hair brush that is exceptional for applying blush or bronzer. Also works great for Touch Liquid Foundation because like the powder puff brush it gives amazing coverage with very little product. The advantage of the blusher brush over the powder puff is that it is designed for precise placement so it is great for around the eyes, the sides of the nose or other places where you need a more precise application. This brush also will not absorb the liquid foundation so it stays nice and dry after each use.

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youniqueliquidfoundationbrushYounique Liquid Foundation Brush: This is the newest addition to the collection of Younique foundation and face brushes. This brush was designed specifically to work with the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation and contains a small recessed well in the middle to hold product. It is super soft and works wonderfully to give you a flawless application. This brush’s only real purpose is for the Liquid foundation so that is one area where the other brush options may be better because they can also be used with other products if necessary.

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youniquefoundationbrushYounique Foundation Brush: Works well with BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer and Touch Cream Foundation. Can also be used with Touch Liquid Foundation. Made with high quality synthetic fibers and gives you a very smooth and flawless application. The drawback is this brush will absorb a lot of product and needs to be cleaned more frequently. You will also need to use more of the liquid foundation with this brush than you would with the other brushes, but if you use it for BB Cream or Cream Foundation it is ideal. It’s also the lowest price Foundation Brush Younique has to offer.

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In summary, Younique’s Foundation Brushes have a variety of uses. The best brushes for Touch Liquid Foundation are the Blusher Brush and Liquid Foundation Brush and the best brush for the powder foundations is the Powder Puff Brush. Whichever brush you decide on will undoubtedly give you amazing results and I know you will be so happy with your purchase 🙂




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