Wondering which Younique Lip Liner would go best with your Younique Lipstick or Vice Versa? Here are some color matching ideas:


Younique Lip Liner in Perky With Vain, Pretentious, Ritzy or Conceited Lipstick

youniqueliplinerperky youniquelipstickvain youniquelipstickpretentious youniquelipstickritzy youniquelipstickconceited







Younique Lip Liner in Pouty Will Go Best With Younique Lipstick Nudes in Well To Do, Upscale, Prodigal, Upper Class, Affluent and Extravagant. 

youniqueliplinerpouty youniquelipstickwelltodo youniquelipstickupscale youniquelipstickprodigal youniquelipstickupperclass youniquelipstickaffluentyouniquelipstickextravagant






Younique Lip Liner in Posh Goes Best With Younique Lipstick Pinks in Conceited and Loaded

youniqueliplinerposh youniquelipstickconceited







Younique Lip Liner in Primal Goes Best With Younique Lipstick Reds in Stinkin’ Rick 








Younique Lip Liner in Pompous Goes Best With Younique Lipstick Dark Reds in Loaded, Swanky, Fortunate and Excessive

youniquelinerpompous youniquelipstickloadedyouniquelipstickswanky youniquelipstickfortunate youniquelipstickexcessive






 You can order a set of  3 Younique Lip Liners Here

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Here is another set of Younique Lipstick and Lip Liner color matching ideas


As always, your personal taste will also determine which Younique Lip Liner will match best with which each Younique Lipstick, but this guide above should give you a good idea of which colors will look good together.

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