Younique Primers are designed to help you get a smoother and longer lasting makeup application. There are 2 Younique Primers to choose from for both face and eye makeup. Remember, It’s a crime not to prime!

Younique Glorious Primer

Younique Glorious Face & Eye Primer is the ideal product to apply after your moisturizer and before your foundation or mineral makeup. Glorious primer will help your makeup stay looking fresh longer and will keep it from getting into your pores or fine lines. This primer goes on silky smooth for a flawless foundation or powder application. It can be used before applying eye makeup as well.

$39 USD Lasts Forever


moodstruckmineralseyeprimerYounique Eye Primer is a new product designed specifically for the eyes. It makes your eye pigments and shadows incredibly vibrant and helps eye makeup stay in place longer. This goes on thicker than the face primer and instead of being clear in color it has a slight skin colored tint to it. You only use a tiny amount each time. Once you use Younique Eye Primer for the first time you will never want to wear eye makeup without it again.

$22 USD Lasts Forever


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