Younique Shine Wipes are the best way to not only remove makeup but also cleanse and moisturize the skin. They are powerful enough to remove any makeup but also permanent marker (Not that you’d ever need it for that). While at the same time leaving your skin clean and soft without drying or causing break outs. It’s the perfect addition to your night time routine.

Created with sunflower and olive oils, jojoba, vitamin E, and rosemary, Younique Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths are more than a makeup remover; they’re a nourishing treat for your skin.


Younique Shine Wipes Description:

  • Removes makeup.
  • Each pack contains 36 cloths made with sun ower and olive oils,jojoba, vitamin E and rosemary.
  • Leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.Younique Shine Wipes Directions:
    1. Lift the seal and remove a cleansing cloth.
    2. Unfold the pre-moistened cloth and gently wipe across the eyes and face to remove all traces of makeup.
    3. Reseal label after each use to keep cloths fresh.
    4. Follow up with your choice of Younique Royalty cleansers.

    Younique Shine Wipes Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Jojoba (ho-ho-ba), sun ower, and olive oils moisturize and soften skin.
  • Rosemary helps remove excess oil from skin.
  • Vitamin E protects from free radicals.

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