I Love all my Younique Makeup Products, for the past year the Mascara has been my absolute favorite. With the release of the Splurge Cream Shadows though, everything has changed!

You see I don’t wear alot of makeup, I am an eyebrows, mascara and lip gloss kind of girl. I never used to wear any eye shadow, maybe liner now and then. Younique’s Splurge Cream Eye Shadows however are amazing and I wear them all the time now and here is why!

The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

elegant Splurge cream shadowdainty cream shadowtenacious splurge cream shadowdreamy cream shadowcharming cream shadownoble cream eyeshadow

I haven’t found a shade I didn’t love. They stay put and don’t crease! I also love that I can wear just one of these sparkly colors all over my lid and it looks great! So easy for the lazy makeup user like myself!

Make sure if you decide to get this spongy, whipped, cream eye shadow that you also pick up our cream shadow brush which makes applying it a breeze!


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