Velour is one of the more popular shades of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation and as of yesterday 04/04/16 it is available to purchase once again. Velour Liquid Foundation is perfect for those who have yellow or golden undertones. You can tell if you have yellow undertones if you typically tan easily, if gold colored jewelry looks best on you as well as the color brown. You should also have green veins in your wrist or arm when you are in natural light. Velour is the lightest shade available for women with yellow undertones so if your complexion is light to medium, this would be a good match for you.

Here are some women wearing Velour Touch Liquid Foundation

velourfoundationliquidjennyvelourliquidfoundation youniquetouchliquidfoundationvelour velourtouchliquidfoundationexample

Can you believe the coverage you get with this product? It’s amazing! The best way to apply Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is with either our Liquid Foundation Brush or with our Blusher or Powder Puff Brush. All you need is a few drops to cover your entire face and it will dry to a beautiful, powdery matte finish!

We also got a few other colors of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation in stock yesterday with more expected soon. It is expected that sometime between mid-end of month we will have all shades of Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation back and available in all markets.

You can order Velour Touch Liquid Foundation from Younique below


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