You have probably heard a lot of buzz about Younique Touch Liquid Foundation a new favorite product for so many. I was hesitant to try it at first because I am not a big foundation person, I never have been. I always though it looked funny on me and was way to cakey to ever pass for natural. I like to have a good feel for all of our products so I ordered it in Organza. My first impressions were that it looks very natural, covers amazingly well and surprisingly is nothing like any other foundation I have used. First it dries to a matte powder-like finish, that really takes away the cakey look that I despise. Second, it blends so well into my skin tone, there are no harsh lines, it doesn’t change my hair color at the roots it blends right in to my neck, it’s great. Also it didn’t make me break out, none of our products ever have which is rare for me. So I was already in love with it, then I watched the video I will post below and it changed everything for me, now I am completely in love with Younique Touch Liquid Foundation stuff and you will be too!

Wow Amazing Right?
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