Yay! Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation Is Finally Back In Stock! If you have been waiting to try this foundation or waiting for your shade to come back you can now order online, if you need to color match you can follow my guide below. In addition to Younique Touch Pressed Powder being back in stock, there is a completely new line of Younique foundations in pressed and loose powder that comes in 13 new shades. Its satiny smooth buildable color.

The first step in color matching your foundation is to know your undertones. Basically if you go out in the sun and you turn pink or red and burn easily you most likely have cool or pink undertones. If you start to tan and brown easily in the sun you have warm or yellow undertones and most likely olive skin. If you burn but then it becomes a tan over the next couple of days then you are most likely to have neutral undertones. If you still aren’t sure, you can look at the veins in your wrist outside or in natural light to see what color they are. If they are blue or purple colored you have cool or pink undertones. If your veins are green then you have warm or yellow undertones. If you can’t tell if they are blue or green or if they are kind of a mix of the two then you are neutral.

Once you know your undertones you can look at this chart below to see what color would be the best match, this is based on how dark your complexion is and the undertones you have.

If you still are not sure which color is for you you can visit this link for a larger simulation of what all 26 colors look like.

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