I have always avoided wearing foundation on my face. It always looks funny, the shade never matches and it looks so cakey! However because I love everything Younique, I decided to get the new Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation when it came out. I am so glad I did because I love it and it gives me that flawless smooth skin look without looking like I have a makeup plastered face!

This isn’t me, but look at the coverage here!

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Befor and After

Doesn’t she look fresh faed and beautiful? I am sure she feels more confident too.

So a bottle of this will last you a very very long time, you only need a couple drops and a decent foundation brush (Younique’s is awesome) to cover your whole face. It goes on very liquidy but quickly dries to a powdery matte finish! You also have the 14 day love it guarantee in case you are nervous about getting the wrong shade, I am going to include a couple of guides here for you that should help avoid that! Seriously get a bottle of this and the new Younique concealer if you can, you will be so happy you did! Get Yours Here!

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Colors and Swatches



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