Younique Touch Liquid Foundation For Full Coverage

SEE YOUNIQUE FOUNDATION COLOR MATCHING GUIDE BELOW Younique Liquid Full Coverage Foundation: Having acne, redness, scars or other skin problems can be embarrassing or make you feel insecure. Most of the time wearing makeup can make these conditions worse, leaving women with no way to cover their imperfections. This is how Younique Touch Liquid Foundation […]

The Best Younique Foundation for Your Skin Type

When it comes to Younique Foundations, depending on your skin type there may be one foundation that is a better fit for you than the others. You want your makeup to look flawless all day so finding the best Younique Foundation for Your Skin Type is essential for this. Oily Skin: If your skin type […]

Alternative to Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Same Coverage!

With Younique Touch Liquid Foundation being out of stock or backordered in every shade, you may be looking for an alternative product that will give you the same amazing coverage results. You can get the same flawless photoshop finish with our Younique BB Cream and Touch Pressed Powder Foundation! The Younique BB Flawless Complexion enhancer […]

Color Match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation in 2 Easy Steps

Here is a short guide to quickly color match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation to your undertones and skin tone. Color Match Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation with these 2 easy steps   Step1: Look at the veins in your wrist in natural light Step 2: Match Your Undertone Color To Your Skin Tone, Light, Medium or […]

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Touch Liquid Foundation   Younique’s Touch Liquid Foundation is being called “Photoshop in a Bottle” by users for very good reason. You get a perfect, airbrushed look with just 4-5 drops. It will cover redness, blemishes, help your skin look younger and it looks extremely natural. This is a liquid […]

Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation

Have you ever wished your foundation could cover as well as the best liquid but dry to a non-cakey. natural looking matte powder finish? Well Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation may just be a dream come true! This lovely liquid comes in 10 different shades in a convenient eyedropper bottle which helps you easily […]

Younique BB Flawless VS Younique Touch Foundations

When it comes to coverage options, Younique has something for everyone. From light coverage to full coverage Younique BB Flawless Creams and Foundations come in a wide variety of shades and are naturally based and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. I am going to go over the key differences between Younique […]