Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Touch Liquid Foundation


Younique’s Touch Liquid Foundation is being called “Photoshop in a Bottle” by users for very good reason. You get a perfect, airbrushed look with just 4-5 drops. It will cover redness, blemishes, help your skin look younger and it looks extremely natural. This is a liquid to powder foundation and it almost instantly dries to a soft matte finish. Younique’s Liquid Foundation is the most in demand product available right now.

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is available exclusively through Younique Presenters. Clicking the button below will take you to my official Younique Website.


$39 USD / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 GBP / $ 50 AUD / $ 55 NZD




See how well Younique Photoshop in a bottle liquid foundation covers with only a tiny amount in this video:

Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is mineral makeup with safe, naturally based ingredients. It won’t clog pores or irritate even the most sensitive skin. It’s perfect for those with combination skin but is great for oily or dry skin as well.

Get the photoshopped look by applying Younique Liquid Foundation with a powder puff, blusher or foundation brush for the best results.

Younique Photoshop in a Bottle Foundation comes in 10 different colors from light to dark here are images of women wearing the different shades.

younique photoshop in a bottle colors Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation Colors Dark

 For more help in choosing the right Younique Foundation Color visit my guide here or contact me at


$39 USD / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 GBP / $ 680 MXN / $ 50 AUD / $ 55 NZD

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