younique liquid to powder foundationHave you ever wished your foundation could cover as well as the best liquid but dry to a non-cakey. natural looking matte powder finish? Well Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation may just be a dream come true! This lovely liquid comes in 10 different shades in a convenient eyedropper bottle which helps you easily apply the right amount (usually just 5-6 drops is plenty) for a perfectly flawless finish. It offers truly superior coverage while still looking extremely natural, that’s because of the optical diffusers in it that help it blend in with your skin and it’s so lightweight and silky smooth feeling I was amazed the first time I applied it!

(The woman shown in this picture is wearing Younique Touch Liquid Foundation applied with a simple powder puff brush. Can you believe the coverage?)

So the real beauty of this Liquid to Powder foundation is that it’s mineral makeup and naturally based with only the safest ingredients. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, perfect for any skin type and it wont clog pores. It comes in shades for everyone ranging from light to dark and when you find your match, it’s a perfect match.  This can be applied with a foundation brush, powder puff brush, blusher brush or any makeup sponge (Younique’s makeup brushes are incredible) and you only need a tiny amount so the bottle is going to last you a very long time.

A bottle of Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation sells for $39, it looks amazing by itself but you can finish it off with pressed or loose mineral powder if you’d like and you’ll love how great it looks and lasts all day.

View my Foundation Color Quiz to find your perfect shade, then order below.

order younique liquid foundation

$39 USA / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 UK / $ 680 MXN / $ 50 AUS / $ 55 NZ

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