Younique Touch Liquid Foundation In Stock!

touchliquidfoundationHave you heard the news?

All colors of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation are back in stock and can be ordered in all countries!

That means you can finally get your hands on this Liquid to Powder Foundation with the most amazing coverage in Scarlet, Organza, Chiffon, Satin and every other color you have been waiting on!

If you don’t know what color of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation will match your skin tone, visit my color matching guide here to find the perfect shade!

While you are shopping for foundation definitely check out or brush selection and the new Younique Liquid Foundation Brush designed especially for Younique Touch Liquid Foundation to give you maximum results with the least amount of product! It’s similar to a stippling brush and has a special well in the middle to hold your product. It’s awesome!

Last but not least, as always I suggest starting out with our Glorious Primer for the best possible flawless look 🙂 It gives you the smoothest canvas and helps to keep your foundation out of your pores and fine lines.

Order Younique Touch Liquid Foundation below, comment if you have any questions or need help with a color match!




Same Flawless Coverage as Younique Liquid Foundation With BB Cream and Concealer!

Younique Liquid Foundation gives a famously flawless finish but unfortunately for now all colors are out of stock or on backorder. The good news is, you can still get the same coverage with Younique BB Cream and Liquid Concealer. This is actually a better option for the cold winter months because most of us are suffering from dryer skin and the Younique BB Flawless Cream is a powerful tinted moisturizer which will help leave your skin hydrated all day. Watch below to see how this same amazing photoshop finish can be achieved with the bb cream and concealer.


All of the BB cream shades are in stock and most of the concealer shades are available as well! You can apply this with your hands, a powder puff or foundation brush or blending buds depending on what you have and your needs.


I actually prefer the look and feel of the BB cream for my skin because it is less likely to make my skin look dry or settle into my pores. I don’t need a very heavy coverage either so sometimes I even use it by itself or with just the pressed powder over the top for a more matte look. Either way, this is a product you want to have in your makeup collection.


Touch Liquid Foundation and Blusher Brush WOW!

Touch Liquid Foundation is an amazing liquid to powder foundation that is perfect for all skin types and gives beautiful, flawless coverage.  This stuff is amazing and it can tackle the toughest job covering blemishes, acne, discoloration, rosacea you name it, it will hide it, it’s like photoshop in a bottle.

Touch Liquid Foundation can be applied with any makeup brush but when you use Younique’s Blusher Brush, the results are incredible and you only need 5 drops for your whole face!

Check out this new video showing the power of Touch Liquid Foundation and the Blusher Brush


Touch Liquid Foundation comes in 10 colors so you will be able to easily find your perfect match. I will guide you through picking your Touch Liquid Foundation color in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:  Look at the veins in your arm, are the blue, green or is it hard to tell? If they are blue you have a cool complexion and you probably have pink undertones. If they are green you have a warm complexion with golden undertones. If you can’t tell or they look like a mix of both, you probably have neutral undertones. The next step will help us find your undertones even better.

Step 2: Do you tan easily, do you burn or both? If you tan easily and well then you probably do have golden undertones. If you burn then you likely have pink undertones and if you do both then you are probably neutral.

Step 3: So now that we have a good idea of your undertones, we just need to choose the right shade based on the tone of your skin from light to dark. Look at this chart below, I like this one because it shows women wearing these exact colors and it makes it much easier to find your perfect shade. The undertones for each Touch Foundation Color are shown under the name. 

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Colors youniqueliquidfoundationfaces2

By now you should feel confident in your color of Younique Touch Liquid Foundation but if not look at the image below for more help.




Younique Flawless Four

Younique Flawless Four is a hot combination of products that will help you get a perfect photo shopped finish. All of these products are naturally based , safe for all skin types and work amazingly well.

The Flawless Four Includes:

Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer (Helps keep makeup in place, keep oils at bay and gives you a smoother canvas to work on)

Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation (Superior coverage with a light, powdery, matte finish)

Younique Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer (Effortlessly conceals and hides blemishes, dark circles and more)

Younique Liquid Foundation Brush(Use to apply liquid foundation, it only takes a few drops to cover your entire face, this brush is especially good at getting foundation around and under the eyes)

With this powerful combination of products you will always have that perfect airbrushed look!

To Color Match For The Flawless Four Products Click Here

$99 USD For Month of April Only!


Younique Touch Liquid Foundation All Colors On Models



Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation

Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Touch Liquid Foundation


Younique’s Touch Liquid Foundation is being called “Photoshop in a Bottle” by users for very good reason. You get a perfect, airbrushed look with just 4-5 drops. It will cover redness, blemishes, help your skin look younger and it looks extremely natural. This is a liquid to powder foundation and it almost instantly dries to a soft matte finish. Younique’s Liquid Foundation is the most in demand product available right now.

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation is available exclusively through Younique Presenters. Clicking the button below will take you to my official Younique Website.


$39 USD / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 GBP / $ 50 AUD / $ 55 NZD




See how well Younique Photoshop in a bottle liquid foundation covers with only a tiny amount in this video:

Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is mineral makeup with safe, naturally based ingredients. It won’t clog pores or irritate even the most sensitive skin. It’s perfect for those with combination skin but is great for oily or dry skin as well.

Get the photoshopped look by applying Younique Liquid Foundation with a powder puff, blusher or foundation brush for the best results.

Younique Photoshop in a Bottle Foundation comes in 10 different colors from light to dark here are images of women wearing the different shades.

younique photoshop in a bottle colors Younique Photoshop In A Bottle Liquid Foundation Colors Dark

 For more help in choosing the right Younique Foundation Color visit my guide here or contact me at


$39 USD / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 GBP / $ 680 MXN / $ 50 AUD / $ 55 NZD


Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation

younique liquid to powder foundationHave you ever wished your foundation could cover as well as the best liquid but dry to a non-cakey. natural looking matte powder finish? Well Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation may just be a dream come true! This lovely liquid comes in 10 different shades in a convenient eyedropper bottle which helps you easily apply the right amount (usually just 5-6 drops is plenty) for a perfectly flawless finish. It offers truly superior coverage while still looking extremely natural, that’s because of the optical diffusers in it that help it blend in with your skin and it’s so lightweight and silky smooth feeling I was amazed the first time I applied it!

(The woman shown in this picture is wearing Younique Touch Liquid Foundation applied with a simple powder puff brush. Can you believe the coverage?)

So the real beauty of this Liquid to Powder foundation is that it’s mineral makeup and naturally based with only the safest ingredients. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, perfect for any skin type and it wont clog pores. It comes in shades for everyone ranging from light to dark and when you find your match, it’s a perfect match.  This can be applied with a foundation brush, powder puff brush, blusher brush or any makeup sponge (Younique’s makeup brushes are incredible) and you only need a tiny amount so the bottle is going to last you a very long time.

A bottle of Younique Touch Liquid to Powder Foundation sells for $39, it looks amazing by itself but you can finish it off with pressed or loose mineral powder if you’d like and you’ll love how great it looks and lasts all day.

View my Foundation Color Quiz to find your perfect shade, then order below.

order younique liquid foundation

$39 USA / € 42 EUR / $ 47 CAD / £ 30 UK / $ 680 MXN / $ 50 AUS / $ 55 NZ


Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Review

You have probably heard a lot of buzz about Younique Touch Liquid Foundation a new favorite product for so many. I was hesitant to try it at first because I am not a big foundation person, I never have been. I always though it looked funny on me and was way to cakey to ever pass for natural. I like to have a good feel for all of our products so I ordered it in Organza. My first impressions were that it looks very natural, covers amazingly well and surprisingly is nothing like any other foundation I have used. First it dries to a matte powder-like finish, that really takes away the cakey look that I despise. Second, it blends so well into my skin tone, there are no harsh lines, it doesn’t change my hair color at the roots it blends right in to my neck, it’s great. Also it didn’t make me break out, none of our products ever have which is rare for me. So I was already in love with it, then I watched the video I will post below and it changed everything for me, now I am completely in love with Younique Touch Liquid Foundation stuff and you will be too!

Wow Amazing Right?
Read My Younique Touch Liquid Foundation Color Matching Guide Here